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About Zubli ZainordinPhilosopher, and Philosophy. In another culture, Sufi, and Tasawuf. Different spelling, but these are the same.

Beginning with entering a kindergarten up to earning a Ph. D. (Doctor of Philisophy) degree; philosophy is the highest in the educational pursuit structure.

So, in terms of numbers we shall be witnessing about more than 1 million worldwide now? No. This is because, universities worldwide never, not, and none, in an effort to having an individual to be in such a position of a Philosopher.

For example, the top most university in my country, still quote Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. No name has ever been mentioned, in any lecture room or hall at this moment, of the year the first batch of graduates, walked out into the real life outside the university, after their graduation day.

Universities other than this, are far off, so much as a kilometer below, in terms of giving birth to any single Philosopher to date. Has any one ever wonder, why?

Actually, pursuing Philosophy and being a Philosopher, within and without a university, begin with the common sense and ultimately relay the sense common. But, profound indeed with a relay based on its foundation a solidifying with ethic, morale, principle, aesthetic, logic, and worthiness.

There are those who are self-proclaimed Philosopher. Yet, others are just individual but raised to the level of a Philosopher by others who acknowledge her or him.

Thus the status is achievable to each of us. The exchanges is wisdom. The action is contributions. So be wise.

Especially the refine in the define of all concepts, words, terms, terminologies, and more.

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