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Zubli Zainordin

350 sons and daughters of this soil are invited by one of the Malaysian Government ministries to contribute to the way forward through a Strategic planning with the intention of developing a new group of a million entrepreneurs.

In a country, a population of nearing 30 million, I am one of those who is invited.

Unique, in my heart I am considering the two days in the venue, one of the best hotels in Kuala Lumpur, a city that never sleeps, yet what about my passionate blogging? Should I go, or stay where I am comfortable blogging from sunrise to sunset to sunrise to sunset…

“My Lord,” I ask, “is in Synchronicity should I go…”

I decided to go! Yes, with this mission…

To invite everyone including himself, wife, children, family members, friends, fellow Malaysians, individuals & citizens of the world, on a transformation and be transcending to experience total success in this life now here as well as the life here after, by discovering, uncovering, and recovering the total information (ayats) within The Total Movie. Then, willingly submitting and surrendering totally to the God.

This mission is supported by his lifespan search and research on every aspect of success & failure, and presenting the path toward order, through continuous self-improvements.

I am now stand and sit ranking with the best individuals from various fields of intellect and outstandingness.

I met a former classmate and a former university mate, who now are in the highest position in the government agencies.

From the total, a minority I knew, yet a majority knew me. Perhaps from the television exposure I use to impact this nation earlier, with information beyond most thinking Malaysians.

Here being treated like a sultan, grand seminar room, grand workshop venue, excellent food of abundance, great individuals, super class accommodation, and internet 24 hours. Wah!

I now know, it has been goodness that I decided to go.

“Thank you My Lord, all praise belong to you, the Lord of the worlds”.

I am here in this invitational task force, as a Principal Consultant to TORE Network Consult Sdn Bhd, and a Business Management Consultant for MARA.

A short speech I made at the workshop a moment ago…

“We are opportune to have a Government, and this Ministry is the nerve center. I can accept the logic of a company borrowing money from the Government, but beyond me is a country borrowing money from a company. This country cannot be less than richest to all companies combined.

First put first point first.

Let us defined or else be defined. Agriculture for example is Pertanian. When we celebrate an Agricultural Day, the Petani accepts, not the Peladang, Nelayan, or Perternak. Similarly, Industry Industrialist Usahawan. Business Businessman Businesswoman Peniaga Peniagawan Peniagawati. Entrepreneur is not Usahawan. Entrepreneurship Entrepreneur is Usahaniagawan.

Please be sure when we talk about Entrepreneur and Usahawan, we are speaking the same language. So as to benefit from this gathering.

Look at the farmer who plants coconut, earns 10 cents, the one driving the lorry to pick this coconut from the village to town earns 60 cents, and the retailer to the consumer earns 30 cents. So if we are here in this workshop focusing on developing Technopreneurs, were are really focusing a group to be earning 10 cents of 100 cents.

Now please observe who is the leader in control of all the coconuts from the farm to the consumers’ homes. He is not farming, he does not drive the lorry, nor run a retail shop, and yet he is the King of this nut, yes coconut, earning the most.

I propose should we present a resolution tomorrow the God willing, ensure in what we aspire to do, we shall choose to also develop in a span of 50 to a 100 years, from now, from young, possibly a 1,000 Industrialist, yes Usahawan.”

Okay quite a speech eh? Yet, the one empowered is always the one who did not get the message.

Singapura di Langgar Todak.

I am already here, the God willing, with this mission, as an invited Consultant, I shal persist and pursue.

Please help me my Lord.


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