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Experiencing Total Energy While Living Now !
Your Progression From Freedoom, > Free, > To


By: Zubli Zainordin , Posted On: 2006-10-23


Zubli Zainordin

An Except From:
Experiencing Your Total Life Now
On The Peak Of Your Total
Success There

Transformation is a movement,
The Leaving from a point to another.

The Leaving involves a process,
comprising of a series of points,
whereby at each point, The Transformer
is centered at either a Form, an Energy, or

The Process is actually a Living of one’s Life.

The Living is the difference between Life and

Thus it is An Art, A Science, or both, within a

The Tempo; from The Beginning to The end, is a
gift, from Allah,
of, 2 lifes and 2 deaths to Us; You and Me.

The Beginning is a temporary death, followed by
a temporary life, and a temporary death, then,
finally a permenant life.

You and Me, We are here now, in a temporary
Before, We were somew-here, in a temporary
Soon, We are going somew-here, also in a
death. Then, We shall be t-here, ressurected to
a permenant Life. As We can see, the word
occurs at all four stages of Our arrivals which
continuous Transformations.

Do You see now the importance of

That is The Transformation of Us from death to
to death, then to life again. Forever.

Death is when You and Me, We are an Energy with

the absence of a Form. Which is A Soul without
A Body.
Or We are a Form with the absence of an Energy.

Which is A Body without A Soul.

Life is when We are a combination of the
of both an Energy and a Form. Or a Form and an
Which is a Soul with a body. Or a Body with a Soul.

You and Me, Willingly or Reluctantly, We are
changing from
an Energy without a Form, to an Energy within a
then, to a Form without an Energy, and Finally
an Energy
within a Form.

Surely, the Past has departed. The Future
has not arrived,
The Option worth considering, is being at this
point, and
Living with The Focus on Now. Because this is
the only
Moment when You and Me, We are both an Energy
a Form. Or A Soul with A Body.

Thus, pertinent at this point, I share The
Intention, and
The Act of inviting You, so that together We
shall translate
a common Purpose. That is:
Let Us choose to Transform, and Experience
Total Energy
While Living Now in Total Form. This is the
only one
chance each of Us have, to Living a Life to the

The benefit to be enjoyed is the progression
from a state of
lagging behind the trap of Freedoom, to a state
of completely
Free, and transcends to a level beyond Freedom.
Wow !

In doing so, You and Me, We shall take
advantage of The
In-form-ation made available to Us.
With The Information,
We shall Per-form, the powerful act of
Transforming Our Selfs,
in the form of either Re-form or Con-form.

The Reform is a return from The Form to The
Energy centeredness.
To enjoy this, You and Me, We shall ask Our
Selfs, the following
questions in a written form:

01. “Am I a Body or a Soul”. or “I am a Soul or
a Body”.
02. “I am an Energy with a Body” or “I am a
Body with
an Energy”.
03. “I am a Physical Being experiencing a
Spiritual life” or
“Am I a Spiritual Being experiencing a Physical

Remember: One is a Form when one chooses that
one is
a Body with a Soul. While, one is an Energy
when one
chooses that one is a Soul with a Body.

The Conform is a return from The Energy to
The Form
centeredness. To enjoy this, You and Me, We
shall ask
Our Selfs, the following questions in a written

01. Who Am I?
02. Why Am I here?
03. What is the Purpose of My Life?
04. How to Perform The Transformation?

The availability of choices to Transform, are
in the following

01. I shall Live a Life My own way. The Reform.
02. I shall Live a Life following Other’s way.
The Conform.
03. I shall surrender and Live a Life The
Divine’s way. The Formula.

The Form-ula is “Do Good, Do Not Do Bad”.

The Performance of The Formula, is constantly
and consistently
Living a Life, in accordance to The Owner of
all forms and

The Owner is Allah. Allah is The Creator. The Lord.
God. The Infinite Intelligence. The Master. The

The One provides The Guidance in 3 available
These forms are, information within Us; within
the Universe;
and within The Book of Life known as The

The Information is vital to Us, in the act of
Transformation on
The 3 Paths. The Choice.

Since You are responsible for Your Own Choice.
While I am
responsible for My Own Choice. I even cannot
and do not want
to choose for You. So on Your own, please do
The Search
and research.

To be able to response, and to be response-able,
On Your own, is The Test.

The Test is transforming Your Self from
anything and anywhere
to the Total Submission to Only The One. The doing
is on Your own.

This is because nothing, and no one on the face
of this Earth,
and in this entire Universe, can help You,
except The Master.

I am only a servant of The Master; Your Lord
and My
Lord too. So I am only able to offer a clue:

In order to be Totally Successful in this Life
now here,
and in the Life here after, please ask Our
the following questions:

01. Do We aspire for “Unity”, “Uniformity” or
02. Are We pursuing:
“Unity in Diversity?”, “Uniformity in
Formality” or
“Empty in Dumpty”.
03. Should We “Think No Thing…nothing”,
“Think Outside The Box” or
or Will We “Be Outside The Box”.
04. Be in a Form with entrapments of Freedoom,
or Just Be Free,
or Being an Energy continuously transforming
Over, Above and Beyond Freedom.
05. Bulldoze with the normality of The Jungle,
or Abiding by a set of self-made Rules,
or Upholding The Formulated Unchanging
Laws of The Universe.

So, I invite You, Transform now!

Now, I decide and choose to Transform.
Just to in-form You, today I am nearing 50 years.
By Transforming
continuously beginning now, My Energy is as
young as
day 1. What I mean is, although My form is
nearing 50, yet My form-lessness is still the same
as day 1.
What a wonderful, wholesome and Total
of Self ya. I am now back to My Original

When You also Transform now, even if today is
Your 50th, We inevitably shall greet each
every moment in every day, and whatever time is
the remaining of Our Lifes, “Happy Birthday”.

Together, with Our Total Energy combined,
Shall We Perform in accordance to The Formula,
and choose either To Reform or To Conform,
and let us make this a Better World to Live in.

Then shall We enjoy, and at every moment,
We shall be experiencing
Our Total Life Now On The Peak Of Total Success Here.

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