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Zubli Zainordin

I am not here earlier.

In total hiding. Almost considered mad. Yet I am not. Just. I am a constant and a consistent searcher.

Now I am here, yet pretty much still in hiding.

The real me what is there to tell, and what is there to know.

Who Is Zubli Zainordin

This blog, provides a bit of an answer, but all are labels, yeah good labels about me. Position here for my future generations who prefer to know me.

Well individuals in the public can also check here should they also prefer to know me.

My life is a full series of ups and downs. I did not understand this earlier. Now I do. So. Ups I enjoy to the fullest. Down I learn to the maximum.

For, every adversities, it has been said, contains the seed of a better or an equivalent benefit.

So those who know me throughout the earlier continuum of my life, yes, each can reveal me naked. Yet, I am now surely different from the me you once know.

Self improvement and continuous improvement is the ways I journey and voyage this life.

I nak jadi orang yang baik, itu sahaja. I prefer to be a nice individual, that is all.

It is surprisingly easy actually to be known within this bloggosphere. I have a, gmail address, set up blogs at, Join, park at every conceivable portals within the bloggosphere, and thus be known.

As I proceed moment by moment there are already individuals interested to know, who is Zubli Zainordin. Each has come very close to point, this is you!

Earlier I built walls of personality, then character, then more walls. These are purposefully meant for each of them to keep on guessing. None, thus far, has been able to penetrate and discover the real me.

Until, one lady appeared and bang bang bang. Right and correct on all counts.

Next more are reading my writings and republishing them at their blog pages. My name mentioned at their blog pages. Individuals who accept me as their friend. Awards I begin to receive. MyBlogLog team members frequent visits. Interviews are lined up.

In Synchronicity, in Connection, in interaction, and integration….Okay, now I am ready to be known.


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Who  Is  Zubli  ZainordinWho Is Zubli Zainordin


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