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Total Believe:

the Next Frontier of

our Entire Possibilities

Author: Zubli Zainordin | Posted: 23-11-2006


Zubli ZainordinBelieve, is a fact that has been searched and researched by every known individuals in our world community. The findings have been documented into a collection of voluminous information that has greatly benefited some of us, in one way or another. However this effort, has barely scratched the surface of the entire knowledge.

Let us now fully understand total believe. Then, we shall explore its possibilities in relations to us, and our life here in this world. Next, we shall profit from total believe to such an extend that we may enjoy the maximum fulfillments that we so much desire to experience all this while.

Arthur Koestler once said, “the principle mark of genius is not perfection, but originality; the opening of new frontiers”. Total believe is the next frontier of our entire possibilities.

There are numerous benefits readily available to you, the moment you realize the outcome of your action based upon your total believe. Enjoy! At this moment let us highlight 7 of the benefits:

Benefit # 1
You are powerful beyond measure while you are constantly and consistently connected to the only infinite source of all creations.

Benefit # 2
You are promoted to the highest rank with your sincere intention to do what is right, and being right in what you do. You are safe from any evil suggestion or the devil.

Benefit # 3
You are especially connected with other individuals who are in synchronicity with you. In this relations you shall precisely meet the right individuals, at the right moment, at the right situation, at the right location, and with mutual intention. These individuals are aligned with your purpose in life that fits perfectly with the overall purpose of the God.

Benefit # 4
You are rewarded with experiencing daily miracles while at will you are performing real magic at every moment throughout your life. You shall be a significant contributor to the various aspirations of the citizens of the world.

Benefit # 5
You are granted sharp awareness, and pure consciousness, then you achieve the highest level of wisdom, so as to continuously move yourself from endarkenment to enlightenment. Progressively you shall view the whole universe with a total view.

Benefit # 6
You begin to transcend every dimensions in your total life to attain, maintain, and sustain all the goodness that life has to offer such as, obtain abundance health, unlimited wealth, and much more.

Benefit # 7
You shall flow in life with wonderful arrivals toward your ultimate destiny. This is your sacred journey back to the original. This is the state where you ultimately belong.

In support of these benefits, recall the information that has been uncovered and discovered throughout history. Perhaps you have said, heard, and read various aspects of “believe”. Now is the moment for you to expand such a believe to include: “you are what you totally believe”, “what your mind can conceive, and you totally believe, thus you shall definitely achieve, and continuously you will surely receive”, “You will see it in total when you totally believe it”, “the power of believing in total”, “the magic of believing in total”, and many more.

From now onwards let these vital information continue to have a profound impact upon your self, and have an overwhelming effect upon your life, so much so, your total life is always exactly the way you want it to be.

Next, allow yourself to be so enthusiastic in your pursuit of this exciting frontier until you finally master the whole knowledge of total believe. This is the frontier that is so awesome for those who are ready and willing to explore further than merely believe or just believing.

To do so, please study the word “believe” that suggests “bell”, “be”, “exist”, and “period”. To elaborate, believe suggests that:

1) The bell, is producing a special sound that serves as a wake up call for you whenever you listen to it intuitively. In addition it is and invitation to awaken the giant within and be in charge of the ability to decide, the liberty to choose, and the glory of ultimate freedom.

2) Be, is a reminder so that you remember to be yourself. Yes… you shall stick to your original self. Please avoid, should you prefer, wanting to be anything you want, or one of these days you can be somebody. The fact remains that you are a unique individual, and you are not a thing. Cooperate with others if you so choose, but you may compete with yourself, moving from your present status to the status of the real you. You do so by translating one after another from the list of more than a 100 potentials that the God has given you. So that you shall transform your true self to a significant rank in this world.

3) Exist, indeed that you are here now in this world. So please experience total happiness in this life. Live in the existence of truly being alive, and always living to the fullest.

4) The period, actually started from the moment when you are born as a winner. Remember, that this is the period that you get every wish you put forth. The period when you are fresh in your outlook. The period when you absorb information with speed and ease. The period when, you never quit until you succeed. Yes, this is the period that you shall prolong until the inevitable moment to come soon.

Since you are living in a universe that is the matrix, accept then quantum physic that also describes the newly found inter-connectivity between dream and vision, and also between reality and illusion. Then by integrating it with total believe, your life is within your own control to shape it at will in its entirety.

So, please make total believe as a part of your way of life now. It is a state whereby how you see in your mind now, is what you shall get next in your life. So let us now agree that you have the freedom to choose the structure as well as the contents of your total believe. Change any parts if you will, until you are fully satisfied. Then let me hear you say, “having enjoyed the benefits of total believe as a way of life, how can I live any other way”.


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