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Zubli Zainordin Royal Blogger Award

I am a Blogger, a Recipient of the Royal Red Crown Award

By LJW at Its A Woman’s World Blog

Royal Red Crown Award

Zubli Zainordin

Wow! Royally awesome!!

This is the highest award of its kind presented to me as a blogger.

The Royal Red Crown Award is presented to me by




This award is an indication of her generosity, her hugeness in giving, and her super class standard of being the best, uniquely LJW who I know dearly.

I accept this award as a responsibility to do more, continuously within my own ability, capability, and effort, sharing vital and valuable information within this bloggokingdom.

As I begin my blogging passion earlier, I get this message from her…


02nd Aug 4:50 pm [Private] I have … come and see at…. Ha! Hope you..

This  private message has been edited a bit.

So I visited her homepage at MyBlogLog, and read the followings:


According to LJW

Well, you see the three crowns above? These are my new awards for the men who have touched or inspired me…

The Royal red crown is an award for the men who are class acts. Who are kind, helpful, compassionate and sharing. These kind of men are indeed, Kings of men, and, deserve to be crowned.. 

She continues…

Each of these crowns are fit for Kings. As in the Kingdoms of the world, each crown holds different value for each crowned King, however, they are Royalty of the finest kind, and, thus, I have come to crown some Kings….

And she presented me with this noble and honorable award of the highest order only happening within the bloggokingdom we are in.

She announces…

My first crowned King has to be none other than Zubli Zainordin. Zubli is a class act and he has proven that more times than you could imagine, both to me and countless others… Therefore, Zubli is entitled to the Royal Red crown; may he wear it long and proudly…

Yes, she places a responsibility on me, and I do accept with pride. She inspires…

I hope that they will shine on your page as you have shined in the world!!!

The moment I accepted this Royal Red Crown Award…

Royal Red Crown Award

I wrote this…

Ladies and Gentlemen, LJW is the Queen of Bloggers. A woman amongst women and men, she who is love, yes, pure love she is always giving and sharing. As a woman she knows women. At the same level, and on the same note, she is gentle, to men. Yet, she is unique to arise and raise us to stand equal and thus be easily able to present an award such as this, the highest honor, to men and to me. I am truly glad to be in Synchronicity, although there was moment of being a bit playful, yet then I return to the next level of connection, interaction, and more than these with a woman so noble as Lynda. She is forgiving and giving with a forget what is not, and we are back to friendship with each other. Yes, Lynda, a friend whose friendship I shall always cherish and treasure forever. Well as a King of men now, I salute her for this award I accept. Yes, an acceptance for she has raise us all to the next level of blogging excitement. So a friendly king size hug, and warm kiss from me and lips just for Lynda. Soon, I am able to say, after she said it, “I love you”.

and this…

02nd Aug 5:32 pm Dear Queen, please allow a moment for the King as he gets composed after, well, tears naturally drop or drip from the corners of his eyes. Tears from his heart reserved and awaiting for this moment of friendship so deeply nice and nicely deep. Momento. Reaction and response soon…

And now, this post registering my acceptance, as promised.

It is more than a special delight for me with this enlightening award. It reminds me of the God’s promise to individuals who do good and forbid evil, and share goodness just to seek the Lord’s pleasure.

Thanks a million. LJW, you have raise us onto the next level of blogging excitements, with such a touch of royalty.

I salute you!


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The God willing, more soon…

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