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A Million Dollar Idea:

the Total-Auto-Smart-Responder

Author: Zubli Zainordin | Posted: 05-11-2006


Zubli ZainordinMay I offer you a million-dollar idea? Total-Auto-Smart-Responder. To me, it is worth a million dollar, however to you the internet experts, this technology may net profit 10 million dollars, or more.

If you are in a hurry, please scroll down. Otherwise, allow me to provide some historical background on this history in the making. Plus, please be patience with the questions that I am posing here. OK, here goes…

Do you know the names of the world top ten internet experts? I am Zubli Zainordin, and I am not one of them. Do you know any new internet user who is not listed yet in the world internet newbies directory? Yes…I am one of them.

Do you know what is an auto-responder? I prefer that you know what it is. Better still, you are using it. Well, initially I do not know exactly what it is. Until now, I am still not using it. The first realization of this machine and its technology, is when I noticed and keep tract of a number of internet experts using it. Especially when they sent emails to me, whenever their free offers, I choose to take advantage of.

To me, coming to know what an auto-responder is, began when I started with a search, using a google search engine. Just by typing a word, a phrase or whatever I am searching for, and click, within seconds, millions of information appear for me to choose from the many pages arranged so nicely. So, I scanned and chose by clicking based on my purpose at that present moment.

By so doing, usually I am drawn to web pages belonging to the internet experts. So I selected those internet experts who are 1) ranking top-most in the cyber-market, 2) knowledgeable and very popular, 3) offering the best products and services, 4) with some sincere endorsements, 5) sincere testimonys (sic.) not the “test-i-monies”, OK, and of course 6) personal touch.

I respect them. They are so warm in their message and the one-to-one communication through their web pages. In addition I appreciate their efforts in offering something useful to the work that I do. For example, free ezine, or free e-newsletter, free e-course that focus on personal success and professional excellence. The information they have gathered really open up numerous opportunities in business by profiting from the internet and various technologies.

While initially they provide these information for free, however only at a later stage, of course, it is quite fair that they are selling something more valuable, such as a product, a service, a program, a banner exchange, or an affiliation, so on and so forth. They are so nice because they think long term, so there is no compulsion, and no forcing from them to people like me to buy from them. Truly it is entirely up to me, to choose a “Yes”, a “No”, or “Interesting”.

So there is a risk-free advantage to me, when I click open their web pages. They may be asleep, doing their things, or enjoying life in one of the resorts, yet at the same time I am able to have a direct usage of their information rich web pages. So I automatically choose one free offer, for example that interest me, and a dialogue box or a window popped-up. I am then asked to type “Name”, and “Email Address”. After which I click “Submit”. I am then informed that an activation code or a confirmation number, has been sent to the email address that I have signed up. Of course, there are options to upgrade subscription or membership. Payment required.

Amazingly, before I can finish saying, “has the activation…(code been sent yet)”, it has arrived in my email inbox. Yes, speedier than anyone postman I know. Information received at this point is friendly. In fact, very personalize. Mostly letters are well-planned and well-written. Then, following the instructions given, and clicking on the link provided, I am back at their web pages. So I continue and I pick up what is being offered there. Even click download whenever I am invited to do so. Before I can sip from a cup of coffee, I have already received an email, “A Welcome Note”. Wow!

As promised by the internet experts, “Lesson # 1”, arrived almost immediately. Another “Wow !” Although the information given is clearly presented, normally I prefer to response with a courteous “thank you for sending personally…”, “I know you are busy and yet you took the time to…”, or something similar or better. Otherwise I have a response or a question in relations to either a technical jargon, or a particular point of the subject that the internet experts kindly share it with me for free.

I press the “Reply” button. Now, I started to wonder “eh?” and I back track, and realized, “Oooo, *Please do not reply this email*…” auto-responder! That is how I came to know about it. I then search for their personal email address. Either there is none, or the reply I sent to them through the auto-responder, has been lost in cyber-space. In hot pursuit, I quickly rush to their web pages again. Yes, again I noticed there is not a single way, I can send a feedback to them directly and personally.

After looking at every angle on these web pages, fortunately, there is a tiny box, where I may choose a ticket. Another “Wow !” After having completed my personal response, I press, “Submit”. At least now, the internet experts will receive a feedback from me. Up goes my hope. However, to my surprise the same process occurring and recurring. Back at the emai inbox, I see and click open, a confirmation from the support team. Again, using an auto-responder! At that moment, I wonder how many individuals within the internet community of the world, are facing this, or similar kind of situation?

While I am not able to communicate directly with the internet experts, “Lesson # 2” up to “Lesson # 7”, as the case may be, were continuously delivered sharp on time into my email inbox. The more lessons I received, the more responses and the more questions I have accumulated. yet, direct or personal interactions between the internet experts and me are nil. Yes, communication has been two-ways no doubt, but it is between an auto-responder, and me.

I have nothing against the usage of auto-responders. Neither am I discouraging the selling and buying of auto-responders. It is an efficient machine, especially dealing with bulk e-maling by the tons. Must be busier than any post office in some parts of the world with 8,000 staff. Nevertheless based on the experience I have had, the results have not been effective in obtaining personal interactions with the internet experts. Yes… far from satisfactory.

Based on the law of average in selling, I can understand the amount of money the internet experts are making. However, my symphaty is upon those recruits and the newbies whose law of average is smaller. Much much more smaller comparatively. Not to mention that by auto-responders, quite similar to issues pertaining to auto-teller machine within the banking arena, we are moving very far away from human interactions, so much so we become restless while not reaching a critical mass to enjoy any life-changing prophesy.

So have you a solution to this situation?

I have. So, as promied, now here is the Million Dollar Idea. The Total-Auto-Smart-Responder.

It is quite different from the currently available auto-responders within the market. To highlight a point, it shall function very well in distinguishing, discerning, and differentiating between a general and a specific response. So much so a personal email from a person get the personal, friendly, direct response by the internet experts.

Otherwise, it is wise for the internet experts to use the present auto-responder, wisely. Only then, they shall be honored as the internet experts. Otherwise some more, they are truly the internet nowperts.

To these potential internet nowperts, the idea is to produce and market the Total-Auto-Smart Responder. This is an opportunity offered to you from me. While to the citizens of the world, should you have a burning desire to respond to this proposal, please bear in mind I do not have a machine to reply emails from all of you. Unless, the internet nowperts, start teaming up together and working to transform the idea proposed herein, almost immediately, starting now.

To those who think or assume that I already have the Total-Auto-Smart-Responder ready to be used, please acknowledge my name is not even listed yet in the world internet newbies directory.

I just provide the idea here, next it is up to you, the internet experts to come up with the actual machine and its total, smart and personalized technologies.

Shall we make this possible…


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