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Zubli Zainordin 10 Happenings

Thanks a Million

Happy Fish

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Zubli Zainordin

Frankly in blogging I have preferred not to be tagged. This here is much like a Tag Free Zone. That’s an earlier position I am in.

After a while, I see tagging is a way so nice to building an e-community. Perhaps getting to know another much more better. So I am now open with acceptance to tagging. I am delighted, a newly acquainted friend has tagged me. She is



author of:

II’m Happy Fish

Earlier she was tagged by



author of:

Journey with Water LearnerJourney with Water Learner…(waterlearner.blogspo…)

Life's PrismsLife’s Prisms(lifesprisms.blogspot…)


Well, In my life, I make things happen. I perform real magic, experiencing miracles, I do flow in life, I encounter wonderful cycle, and I am always in Synchronicity with others within this Matrix of Life. So, it is kind of interesting to return to a state where things happen to me.


Okay here goes:


01) I have many names. Not fit, only Zubli is. I am glad this happens to me, there are like less than 10 of us having this name in the world. I remain ultimately unique.

02) I am born a star. Scorpio. To be exact 16th. of November, 1957. As I read explanations on other stars’ profiles, I am glad this happens to me. I fit in nicely, Scorpio! As a Scorpio Star I am and I shall be happening.


03) My father is the best man I know. Our togetherness can be counted. As a child when I wakes up, he is gone to work. When he comes back, I am already asleep. When we are ready, I am away studying. We are friends only when I have earned my General Degree. This is the best short moment we have had together. Then I am ready to go further studies in the USA. All encouraged…except him. He told others, if I choose to go, I shall never see him again. True, I am in my first semester, at Indiana, he passed away in his sleep, gently returning to the God. I am glad this happens to me, all my seven children, we are friends ever since their childhood. We remain.


04) My mother is a Chinese. She is business minded. Since childhood I see her selling. I am involved in her selling interests. All against, I supported her with the idea of opening a retail shop besides our home. Day one, she collected RM 100. I told her, her profit is only about RM 3. The bulk is to be allocated for replenishment. We are together in this. She has been successful. I am glad this happens to me, until now I know the secret of selling. I am one of the nations public communicator on this subject.

05) My sister is internally connected to my mother. As women, they are psychic, and there know what is in each heart, even when they are kilometers apart. I am not in tune yet within the psychic dimension. But, my mother always know when I am in difficulties or like the Chinese says difikilities. Whatever. Yet, in trouble situation, my mother knows, and when my mother knows, my sister knows. I praise the Lord, they have been psychic-ly close to me. I am glad this happens to me. I am never alone in facing life challenges.


06) My second child is a Blue Boy. Zubli Quzairov Zubli Since birth he experiences a displacement of the major heart artery. Internally I was against God. Then I realize, I cannot win this way. So I totally surrender to the God. My only Lord. I am glad this happens to me. I am now only a servant to the God. I serve in accordance to the God. Yes, I am a free man, in fact Total Freedom do I enjoy in life, after this total submission to the One and only God.


07) I am last in the list of 45 students in a class at University i Technology MARA (formerly ITM). During the first week, once when I took a break outside the classroom. inside they decided to make fun and appointed me as the first class representative. She, a college mate, told me, and as we enter the classroom, every body give an applause with laughter beyond my knowledge. I am glad this happens to me. I set a precedence of a true leadership at specialization, faculty, and campus level. I then went on from there to being a leader on many occasions up to being President, Institute for the Development of Mind.

08) MyBlogLog is a garden I love being at, most of my waking moments in life. I first read an article at, and this lead me to register and join as a member here. I am glad this happening to me, a continuous self-improvement, and now I promote us all moving onto the next level of blogging excitements.

09) I author two blogs, Your Wisdom of Total HappinessYour Wisdom of Total Happiness

and Who  Is  Zubli  ZainordinWho Is Zubli Zainordin

then I position another blog

Book ProjectBook Project

that I am just an organizer. My excitement grows to place five blogs. Then I realized, I can only handle 3 blogs. Yet, the moment has been so fast happening, I now co-authoring two blogs, and two more awaiting. I am glad this happening, I am more productive.

10) I have never imagine a moment when


announces I am his friend, and a co-author of his blog

Santa's Community BlogSanta’s Community…(santasmailbox.blogsp…)

and reader of his blogs Home…(

Santa's Elf ClubSanta’s Elf Club(santaselfclub.blogsp…)

Every Day Should be ChristmasEvery Day Should Be Christmas…(everydayshouldbechri…)

Santa Wish ListSanta Wish List(santawishlist.blogsp…)

Santa's Community BlogSanta’s Community…(santasmailbox.blogsp…)

Santa's Wish TreeSanta’s Wish Tree…(santaswishtree.blogs…)

I am glad this happening to me, because Zubli Zainordin I am continuously enjoying Christmas every moment in my life in the truest sense of the spirit of this celebration…


So I have done this 10. I now tagged the following super bloggers…



author and co-author of:


Homeless Family's BlogHomeless Family’…(homelessfamily.blogs…)

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Once done, please do tell me, I shall prefer to read you 10.


I wish I can tag the following:

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