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  • CrisZimermann's photo

    CrisZimermann (Cris Zimermann)

    Cris Zimermann heads Dane Carlson’s Brazilian Bureau: and could be just the resource you need to achieve your goal.

  • anitokid's photo

    anitokid (AnitoKid )

    Born on the 24th of July. Plays the piano, guitar, and the clarinet. Collects books and stamps. Very much into photography and billiards. A Financial Analyst & an Information Scientist. A Student of Life – Seeking Alpha certified. And I Kid You Not

  • citracitra's photo

    citracitra (andy )

  • webaction's photo

    webaction (Web Action)

    My interests are all about new web technologies that influence web development and online experience.

  • autobot's photo

    autobot (cadillac man)

    Auto Bazaar. All about autos..

  • conancat's photo

    conancat (Chun Ooi Ang)

    Just an ordinary boy, what did u expect ha??

  • joezul's photo

    joezul (Joe Zul)

  • WaterLearner's photo

    WaterLearner (Karen Chiew)

    I believe that Life is a Journey to understand myself. I very strongly believe that anything and everything that happens to us, happens for a deeper divine reason. If I can choose the way to live my life, I hope to live with Awareness.

  • bromoluz's photo

    bromoluz (Cristian )

    I am a student of pharmacy 26-year-old. I always lived in a place surrounded with vegetation, but now I live in the driest desert of the world. I like knowing very much new pople and to write my personal experiences, books or movies in my blog.

  • nuovibusiness's photo

    nuovibusiness (Francesco Sortino)

    Ciao I am Francesco Sortino from Italy. Ho creato un blog nel quale l’argomento principale sara’ come guadagnare on line e fare soldi con internet grazie al tuo blog.

    • wolkanca's photo

      wolkanca (VoLKaN YILMAZ)

      -sabaaahlara kadaaar içsek sevişseeek… -olmaz öyle şey… -ne sen işe gitseeeen ne ben ayılsaaaam… -saçmalama yahu atılırım işten… -ulan bi şarkı söyletmedin bi saattir ne mal karıymışın be sen… -ay pardon hihihi…

    • volkanalabaz's photo

      volkanalabaz (volkan alabaz)

    • AdTracker's photo

      AdTracker (Ad Tracker)

    • mightymorgan's photo

      mightymorgan (morgan macgregor)

      I lived in the cesspool of drug addiction for over 12 years of my life. In the past two years I have redefined and recreated every aspect of my being in order to never return to that world…..Now its’ time to take it to the next level.

    • amonhanor's photo

      amonhanor (amon hanor)

      Hazırlıksız bir karşılamaya karşılıksız serenat…

    • eklesene's photo


      Her kuşu ekledik kaldı leylek. Ekle işte. Bloguna Blogcuna Oraya buraya ne bulursan ekle. Sünnet süsü üreteci, Sevgili Üreteci, İdeal Meslek Kod Oluşturucu, herşey mevcut… Ekle İşte…

    • iblogster's photo

      iblogster (Jonathan Glazier)

      Jonathan Glazier is a Television Director, Writer Producer and Executive. Working internationally as a consultant on Format Entertainment. Formerly Editor BBC Entertainment and Head of Fox World UK. Now living in New Zealand.

    • edasuner's photo

      edasuner (Eda Suner)

    • thebaptist's photo

      thebaptist (Simon Rodrigues)

    • Samanathon's photo

      Samanathon (Saman Sadeghi)

      • homelessfamily's photo

        homelessfamily (John C.)

        Father of four children experiencing homelessness in Jacksonville, Florida since July 2004. Currently employed, medical care for mental disorder resolved, and stabilizing plans for finances being developed.

      • VByers's photo

        VByers (Vanessa Byers)

        Budgeting, accounting and fiscal management for multi-billion dollar organizations as well as small, community-based non-profits. Passions include consciousness-raising, helping others achieve their goals and collecting Barbie dolls.

      • eastcoastlife's photo

        eastcoastlife (eastcoast life)

      • dlwjr's photo

        dlwjr (Donald White Jr)

      • pdm1's photo

        pdm1 (Ant B)

      • ChristyCoffee's photo

        ChristyCoffee (Christy Z)

      • michele84's photo

        michele84 (Michele )

      • JaniceNW's photo


        I enjoy the challenge of being back in college. I love reading. I love my family even though they drive me batty. I’m a blog addict and have tons of funs reading about other’s lives.

      • EndohT's photo

        EndohT (Endoh Taiki)

      • Seiche's photo


        • thereyoucome's photo

          thereyoucome (sh thereyoucome)

        • azmeen's photo

          azmeen (Azmeen Afandi)

        • JesseTheCat's photo

          JesseTheCat (Trixie Wolf)

          Interested in many things from money making experiments to eating good food.

        • Kassper's photo

          Kassper (Dario Kasumovic)

        • RBLChloe's photo

          RBLChloe (Barrett Laurie)

        • rvnx11's photo

          rvnx11 (denny tyler)

        • laketrees's photo

          laketrees (Kim Barker)

          award winning portrait artist

        • chelloveck's photo

          chelloveck (Péter Kollárik)

        • keretakawe's photo

          keretakawe (Wan Nazaruddin Wan Mahmood)

        • catpaw's photo


          One cat’s life in the big city. Slightly grumpy with an aversion to noise. Interests * Stamp geek * early aviation * computers * history * politics * news and current events

          • dreamvibes97's photo

            dreamvibes97 (NAFA SG)

          • thedude25's photo

            thedude25 (bryan clark)

          • IdentikitDK's photo

            IdentikitDK (riccardo terranova)

            Quotidiano di notizie dalla Danimarca in Italiano News from denmark

          • EddieJohn66's photo

            EddieJohn66 (Eddie John)

            A father growing up with his daughter…

          • abhatnagar19's photo

            abhatnagar19 (Aayush Bhatnagar)

            I am a student at the university of Bombay. I am studying engineering and will be graduating shortly. My discipline is electronics and telecom,

          • illusionaire's photo

            illusionaire (Sandman )

          • BlackWyrm's photo

            BlackWyrm (Jon )

          • erez's photo

            erez (Carlos Lorenzo)

            Carlos Lorenzo.Photographer from Barcelona, 43 ,married. One daughter. Note: Any post that is not signed by erez (my alias) and lead to my original sites and is not mine

          • speedcathollydale's photo

            speedcathollydale (Eric Folstad)

          • softboxes's photo

            softboxes (Janice Ng)

            Homemaker to 2 boys. Enjoy movie, beach, taking photos of my boys & recently….. blogging !

            • thoughttrain's photo

              thoughttrain (Jason Caluori)

              I think i was born to be an explorer. Although in order to live this way I will have to gain finanacial freedom. will follow me in my travels along this road.

            • cfaslave's photo

              cfaslave (Brent Evans)

            • sftopics's photo

              sftopics (sandra fabria)

              Satellite helpdesk for Business TV, Photo Stylist Manager for Jo Lee Magazine, web designer, writer, blogger, aspiring SEO,

            • kuanyin333's photo


              author, journalist, visionary artist, ordained interfaith minister, dream coach, inspirational speaker, dolphin swim facilitator

            • gevil's photo

              gevil (Gabriel Villa)


            • forumer's photo

              forumer (Ahmad Nizam Awang)

            • cotojo's photo

              cotojo (Colin Richards)

            • disassociated's photo

              disassociated (John Lampard)

              Content Producer

            • oiloffmar's photo


            • kikiat's photo

              kikiat (kikiat lei)

              I love Thailand !

              • emilayusof's photo

                emilayusof (emila yusof)

                a graphic designer and illustrator from malaysia

              • Alkye's photo

                Alkye (Eleonora ..)

              • zephyr1's photo


              • RandomMagus's photo

                RandomMagus (Amber Azam)

                I luv cats & reading. I’m socially challenged & find it much easier 2 connect to ppl thru my blog. I do go out, have fun & can be quite the life of a party but its draining. Thats why I love blogging, it gives u freedom to be u @ ur own pace

              • jeanchia's photo

                jeanchia (Jean Chia)

              • unomateo's photo

                unomateo (matt dunlap)

              • WondahWoman's photo

                WondahWoman (Wonder Woman)

                I’m a 27 year old, single, girl. I love to write. I love discovering new things. I’m full of interesting info, constantly seeking new things to keep me thinking/entertained. I’m very social. I like the diversity that can be found in the day to day.

              • sexyinred's photo

                sexyinred (Norlina Mohd Mushahar)

              • BrownBaron's photo

                BrownBaron (Ariel Garcia)

              • QuartzMountain's photo

                QuartzMountain (Kevin Henney)

                • Awiwik's photo

                  Awiwik (aww ciel)

                • ajinumis's photo

                  ajinumis (Nessa )

                  A temperamental girl with Jekyll and Hyde syndrome… Fear not, I don’t bite.

                • bblweb's photo

                  bblweb (Ann Liu)

                  Ann Liu sharing internet and affiliate marketing tips and strategies, posting about Marketing Success at MarketingbyAnn.

                • rapieress's photo

                  rapieress (Catherine Hughes)

                  A redhead’s web journal. I’m proof redheads are single moms, multitaskers, writers, and may survive without wild sex every night. Sometimes dogs are better than men because there’s 1 less set of socks to match and the remote remains in my control.

                • Crazyharp81602's photo

                  Crazyharp81602 (Sherry Konkus)

                  I am a harpist who wants a pedal harp very badly. In my spare time, I engage in blogging and debunking young earth claims on dinosaurs.

                • adnil's photo

                  adnil (Lynda Winsor)

                  I am eccentric, quirky, need tweaking and am perfectly imperfect, however, I am good, kind, caring, compassionate, and a classic kinda babe… I love to write and I love music, dancing, and loving life…

                • ejcooksey's photo

                  ejcooksey (Elisabeth Cooksey)

                • shaunlow's photo

                  shaunlow (Shaun Low)

                  Welcome to My blog features blogging tips, news from around the web, latest technology talks, anything about the internet and more!

                • incinq's photo

                  incinq (Adria )

                  I’m a university student with a community art project blog @ Please bookmark and show your support for the amazing contributors who are participating in the cinq drawer project. (And submit your own cinqpic.) Thank you.

                • revellian's photo

                  revellian (Bobby Revell)

                  Jazz-Rock Fusion Guitarist, Poet, author, expressionist and activist for education and fighting racism.

                  • thor78's photo

                    thor78 (Ron Del Rosario)

                  • NdpThePoetress's photo

                    NdpThePoetress (Jeane Michelle Culp)

                    Poet, Writer, Author who cares about People and the World.

                  • sohoquest's photo

                    sohoquest (Michael Beck)

                  • Marzie's photo


                  • ACAssociates's photo

                    ACAssociates (andrea carangelo)

                  • NIHAL's photo

                    NIHAL (NIHAL )

                  • PamilVisions's photo

                    PamilVisions (Mihaela Lica)

                    Mihaela Lica used to work as a TV military redactor in the Public Relations Department of the Romanian Ministry of Defence. Since 2003 she works as a PR and Media Consultant in Germany. She founded Pamil Visions in May 2006.

                  • Yasmin35's photo


                  • LFXT's photo

                    LFXT (lili fxt)

                  • nishanthe's photo

                    nishanthe (Nishanthe Hewawitharana)

                    • munaeem's photo

                      munaeem (Mohammad Jamal)

                    • zublizainordin's photo

                      zublizainordin (Zubli Zainordin)

                      I love Technorati. I am here and continuously studying this service. I am now ready to include you in my movement together to improve our blog page ranking, authority, blog reactions, and number of fans. Offering a new leadership. Let’s go for it!

                    • CareerStrategist's photo

                      CareerStrategist (Ev Nucci)

                      I’ve done five start-ups. Three for two Fortune 500 companies. Two on my own. Sold 1st one about 15 years ago. Now have Wall Street consulting firm. 3 sons, One with special needs, he taught me not to take life too seriously. Now I laugh alot!

                    • MiikaMiika's photo

                      MiikaMiika (Miika Mika)

                    • MommysGetaway's photo

                      MommysGetaway (Tamara Pruessner)

                    • chepay118's photo

                      chepay118 (Cheryl Estorgio)

                      Cheryl Estorgio has specialization in Web Marketing and Content writing. She is also an expert in Link Building and organic search engine optimization.

                    • mattsofi's photo

                      mattsofi (Ahmad Sofi MdHashim)

                      I am a Software Consultant spending most of my time in front of my notebooks developing computer softwares for customers and myself.

                    • digitalfilipino's photo

                      digitalfilipino (Janette Toral)

                      I am the site owner of

                    • fastfastlane's photo

                      fastfastlane (Deborah Petersen)

                      Life in the Fast Lane. We’re about art, artists, creative expression, and anything odd, unusual, offbeat, wild and whacky, weird science, and a little bit business in attempt to keep us grounded. Life in the Fast Lane is all about having fun!

                    • lakmar's photo

                      lakmar (Lakshmi Mareddy)

I invite you to join this Book Project blog, and let us move onto the next level of blogging excitements.

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