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Why am I here at this forum?

Zubli Zainordin

I am a member of Universe Of Power, and in a forum organized, this is what I have posted:

To observe, discoverers and their discoveries, contributing to the body of knowledge, nearing the truth belonging to the God, and the possible movement into the unknown frontier through ilm, in relations to the whole story, beneficial to us all, now here and here after.

Allow me to explain…

I am a constant searcher, with one major question in 1978, and beginning 1987, I have discovered some vital and valuable information. In addition, I have underlined names of other discoverers and their discoveries. Along the continuum of the whole period up till now, each is working together with another yet separately. With one observable point of synergy, the alignment of each individual purpose with the overall grand purpose of the God.

The discoveries so far, are like pieces and when organized is like parts of a puzzle that emerge into a comprehensive picture. Yet a picture is not apt to represent the total discoveries up to this moment. The nearest term, until a more correct one than this, is – The Total Movie.

The story is simple – The Creator, creates, all the creations.

However, the documentation of this whole story is perhaps as large a space as the entire universe, if not the whole mega-multi-verses.

In the effort of aligning the story-board, the aspiration is to near the truth belonging to the God. So as to be able to discern the facts, from the fictions and the falsehoods. In so doing, a criterion is preferably being used, and the criterion is a set of verses that form the Scripture, the God’s guidance to all huwman (w added so that equal respect includes woman).

Although the alignment is initially linear, yet the amount of information has open up all possibilities with the connection to information in all creations. Thus, what is initially a focus, has grown into the total view expanding and extending from the focal point up to perhaps the periphery of the entire universe, and thus enabling us to preview The Total Movie.

So far, the known are all knowings that have been accumulated as the whole knowledge, that we can now acknowledge.

At this moment, various films are quite pertinent to shed some lights, to our de-light, so as what is endarkenment shall be more of an enlightenment. Particularly, The Matrix, The Celestine Prophecy, and Conversations with God, and in general more.

In the form of books, equally pertinent are the works of Napoleon Hill, Wayne W. Dyer, and more.

At this forum, the information on metaphysical has been quite contributive.

Perhaps, with the best of intention and purpose, information pertaining to the law of attraction, will soon find its own place, due to the information shared in terms of value, worth, and price, are only able to cover a bit of the portion of a fragment of the totality. Meaning, it is only a facet of the principles of magnetism, within the God’s law, based upon the entire creations. Yes, the God’s law is the one and only law that is grand, natural, original, pervasive, and all encompassing throughout the entire universe within the mega-multi-verses. Other known popular laws are only names to describe a portion of the God’s law. Well, the reintroduction or rehash of the law of attraction, hopefully serve the purpose, yet have left more questions unanswered, than answers toward enlightenment. At present, the whole is still achievable, should we go back to the basics, and re-explore the philosophy of knowledge by the pioneers.

Yet, thus far with all the discoveries, the known is just a tip of the iceberg, so to speak. The vast frontier of the unknown is not explored yet. The exploration is only possible once an individual, and hopefully more, is sincerely willing to define and proceed with a term higher than knowledge, that is Ilm.

Ilm is to bring about the remembrance of the agreement. Yes, the agreement between all the creations and the Creator. This agreement is The Secret.

The remembrance is to be emerging by recall when an individual transforms to a level of either consciousness, realization, or awareness. Otherwise, most are merely giants waiting to be awakened.

The agreement, is the foundation of the creative process. The Creator made an agreement with the creations. The agreement is being preserved in the scripture.

In the preservation, is the true happening where our grandparents who were the first to be given the opportunity to uphold the agreement, please observe, has resulted in their transfer of venues – from paradise to earth.

On earth, the sacred journey begins, theirs as well as ours, while at that period, we are the seeds that they both carried.

From the same seeds, then generations afterward spread the earth, and the earth has no divisional lines nor boundaries.

The spreading on earth occupy billions of years, and we witness prophets and messengers are positioned to remind the people about the agreement. Each brought the same news, and the same message, exactly the “what” aspect of the agreement. Yes, the agreement is the theme of the whole story – The Creator, creates, the creations.

Veils, by all evil, evilness, its agencies and followers, prompting from the devil, are suppressing all opening to curb the movement from knowledge to ilm. In proceed, the agreement, remain the secret.

Thus the present information inside and outside all venues of storage and its embodiments, such as the universities, libraries, archives, books, public communicators, forums, and more, are moving from knowledge to understanding, experience, expertise, skills, and more. Instead of, ilm.

Therefore, I am here to observe, discoverers contributing to, and their discoveries add more pieces to the story-board of The Total Movie.


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