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Have you ever heard of S.I.C., or Social Inner Circle.

The first time I know what it is all about, after I visited the MyBlogLog Blog, and reading a post

entitle: Guest Post: Unlocking the Social  Inner Circle Code, by Andrew Wee, one of the MyBlogLog

Advisory Group.
There is a Code. The Social Inner Circle Code.

In his article Andrew Wee mentions “schmoe” – a social media optimizer. Easily tagged to an individual who tries to game the social networking system.

Andrew suggests instead, a social networking skill, the pimer being the Social Inner Circle Code.

Read more about it at his blog page.

I have always advocate value.

As a blogger it is nice for us to value another blogger. In addition to providing value to our e-Community within a portal of social networking.

Since we know bloggers, visitors, readers, loyal subscribers do come to our blog for a reason. Thus there is an expectation of our wisdom to provide vital and valuable information, and particularly new information that is useful.The expertise that we are willingly share with others.

Value is a way so wise moving us onto the next level of blogging excitements.

As a blogger it is best that we give. Yes, we give without asking whatsoever in return. This is of course natural for those whose belief in real magic. Particularly the magic in giving.

Genuinely you will know a blogger who reciprocates. There are moments when we prefer to be selective. What better information than knowing a blogger who reciprocate whence we are proactive.

The next level of blogging excitement is a blogger who is proactive and another blogger who reciprocates, are in Synchronicity, in Connection, and in Interaction, then integrating to continuously add value to each other.

So, this answers to – why does a blogger write, “come visit my blog site?”

Please observe another way to achieve the same result, when a blogger writes, “please discover your avatar, your blog icons, I have promoted at this blog site”

Also answering, “you add me, then I shall add you”, or “you join my e-community, then I shall join your e-community”, and “you fave my blog first, then I shall fave your blog”. These are reactive.

Be proactive is you add, join, and fave first. That is it.

Of course, you do not simply do it without being purposeful. You add a blogger for what value she or he shares. You join an e-community for you value order and harmony. You fave a blog to fulfill value exceptional. You subscribe to benefit from the valuable postings.

Almost similar outcome, yes, yet with the difference in the wisdom of the approach.

Let us begin, should we have not done so, to add value to us and others too.


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