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To me the word “time” means – I am here at MyBlogLog more than 10 times; and, I am here at MyBlogLog and the time is 05:15:32 PM.

To me time is a perception.

No individual can actually manage time, so there is no such a possibility of time management.

Time management? Let go and let the God.

Productivity?Not time management but self-management.

Time Management: your Choice to Challenge a Possible Chaos in your Life
27/11/2006 | Motivational
Zubli Zainordin observes that there was a period whereby an individual or a group of people who initiated an approach known as time management, of course with a good intention and a worthy purpose. Next, the masses jump onto the band-wagon. After careful examination, time management seems to bring along possible chaos in our life. So now, the moment has come for us to challenge the package of total management. This is our choice. To live a life exactly the way we wanted it to be. So be it. your Choice to Challenge a Possible Chaos in your Life Read

Time Management: your Choice to Challenge a Possible Chaos in your Life

Author: Zubli Zainordin | Posted: 27-11-2006 | Comments: 0 | Views: 183 |

Zubli ZainordinTime. The concept is plain and simple for all of us. Yet, in practice some among us have device a way to make it so perplexing and truly senseless. Perhaps, the whole package known as time management with all its promises is an accepted chaos in our valuable life. As a result the present commotion is but an utter confusion. So, why must we dictate a list and call it a schedule, then the schedule dictates us and our life?

You may easily prove this statement yourself should you prefer to take a moment to watch your watch. You shall see the indicator that shows it is ticking regularly bit by bit at an exact tempo continuously onward. Then you shall know the answer to all related questions, such as these:
Can you control time?
Can you tame time?
Can you freeze time?
Can you stop time?
Can you adjust time?
Exactly what is a single act that you can actually do to time?

Yes…you may control your behavior, you may tame your desire, you may freeze your position, you can stop your action, and you can adjust your feelings. Above all these, you can do unto yourself, but you cannot do unto time. Why? Because time is a concept, that is invisible yet mechanical. However a watch, a clock, a sun dial, or any other similar device, is also mechanical yet physical, that serves as a mere measurement of what is being conceived as time.

So it is not due to time management that within a short period, you complete a task. it is actually due to self-organization. That means, you are not answering, “at what time shall be best to complete this task, and at what speed can this task be completed”. You are actually answering, “to me what is the best action to take to complete this task, and for me, what is the best way to complete this task.”

In addition, please think for a moment, is it so important for you to complete a task within a few minutes, rather than absorbing the lesson from it that you shall benefit for the rest of your total life? Why are you concern with the 24 hours in a day? Why not explore perhaps 24 activities that enhance your own glory within a span where the earth revolves to make the sun appears to set, and the moon appears to rise.

As such are the characteristics of time, so no individual on this earth can manage time. Therefore time management with all its promotion, publicity, and popularization, is perhaps a useless endeavor. Those who teach and those who are being preach, the whole package of time management, are quite similar to those people who are pouring glasses of salt solution into the sea so as to make it salty. In addition, they are quite similar to those who are standing against the sun, and with a rubber eraser, trying to wipe off their own shadow.

Therefore when you use a watch to watch your management of time, by the fixation of schedule as your daily routine, perhaps you are preferring an act of winding to wrench the beauty of flow and synchronicity in your life. In addition, using a clock as your means, to time management, perhaps you are turning a lock against all the adventures, including knowing the unknown that contains various interesting possibilities. The freedom which is yours to experience in this life, is perhaps eroded by your flexibility in time management, due to unforeseen circumstances, where you are being lapse behind the race of time, to such an extend, you may be led to freedoom.

Please be wise and ponder upon this: is it the number of years in your life that you are so excited about, or the amount of fulfillments of you being alive in the number of years appropriated for you. Do you want to spend time in your life, or do you want to earn life within this period that you are here on earth.

So at this moment you have a choice to challenge time management, because it may bring about a possible chaos that you may encounter in your life. Your goal is not to manage time. Let go and let God. Your responsibility is to be organized, to set priority, to plan, and then you reap the benefits of being a productive individual.

This is where you accept accuracy by being righteous, and you define effectiveness as being right in the way of doing what you are doing, while efficiency as doing what you are doing in the right way. Once you understand and apply these facts in your life, then this period is the journey of abundance along the path of your own choosing.

What if you value time? That is good. In fact, you are appreciating a gift to you by the God. Know that before there is no such a concept of time. Beginning with the universal explosion known as the Big Bang, all creations are being created by the Creator. Yes, including the creation of time. But, value if you must, then focus not at time management. Instead, concentrate on you, the experience of your life within the whole wonders in store in the entire universe.

What if you set a goal that correspond with time? The answer is goals are set to correspond with patience. Everything you do, there is an unchanging law governing it. Please observe for example, the law of the farm. Choose a corn seed for instance. Given all the other available properties, you can scientifically know its growth process, and you may exactly expect the moment of its harvest. Not 60 hours earlier, nor 60 seconds later. The seed you sow, and the harvest you reap, occur regardless of time management.

What about interruptions when you really want to accomplish a meaningful task? Interruptions…what is that? Interruptions are only accepted as a category to be eliminated in time management. However, in life you welcome the flow of movement with awe, and you invite synchronicity with great pleasure. Even an adversity contains within it the seed of an equivalent benefit. You have the potential to turn an occurance into an opportunity. So, the answer is the prayer of love in the context of the law of attraction. You begin with faith, then believe, followed by purpose, objective, goal, vision, and expectation. You shall discover miracles, synchronicity, and the pleasure of performing real magic throughout your life.

Perhaps the moment has come for you to challenge the total package of time management that may bring along a possible chaos into your life. This is your choice.

In your pursuit of life, exactly the way you want it to be, please understand Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, who said, “It’s only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up that we will begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had.” I prefer to add, manage not time that belongs to the God, but manage the space of your own life that belongs to you.


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