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Zubli Zainordin Blood Donor

Blood Donor
Zubli Zainordin
I have thus far received two certificates as I have been quite regular with donating blood.

I started in 1987, after seeing blood from an or Australians dripping into my second child, at Camper Down Hospital, Sydney, Australia.

Ever since I donated blood.

I have heard excuses by individuals for not donating. When I checked, all these excuses has nothing to do with blood donation.

For example: *If I donate blood, I will be extremely fat, after that*

Much earlier I wrote a script, direct it a drama, and even acted in it, *My Wife is Your Wife*.

The excuse in the story: *It is against my culture*

Why do I do it? One, a kind of pay back, and a thank you to blood donors to my family member. While in a giving position on the hospital bed, and squeezing this plastic bar, I pray that some individuals shall get the best of a part I am giving.

My Blood type: O

Yeah, a universal donor. Born with it.

Shall I continue to do this? Yes, but not for the certificates. If they give, I take and keep. That is all.

Giving is always good. The goodness is, my body then produces blood to fill up the basic amount as the requirement for me. Fresh.

The individual who donated blood and being used earlier by my son, do not even know us. Neither do I know to whom my blood goes into.

I prefer the recipient will then carry a bit of my character once blood has been received.

Just kidding…

On a serious note, after blood donating, I feel good inside, not easy to describe it with words. You do it, you shall know.

I say, once, at least, do it.


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