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A moment ago I received a certificate for participating in the INSKEN Trainers and Service Providers Seminar.

INSKEN is Institut Keusahawanan Negara or the National Entrepreneurial Institute.

The opening, seminar, workshop, resolution presentation, and closing, excellent I say. Salute to the organizer.

Out of the four workshops I say the D Group on Exploring Strategic Areas To Fulfill the Needs of the Industry, has achieved a class of a presentation. Well done. Others may have been deserving, should the art of gentle oratory has been exercised by each mandated with the responsibility of the presentation.

As usual the resolution topic on Enhancing Graduates Involvement in Entrepreneurship, I am excited, so much so, immediately after the last word said by the Chairman, I am already at the microphone at the floor positioned for the audience.

I said:

For a country like Malaysia it is not so nice through her ministries and agencies to be applying an approach that is reactive. Possibly, it is better, to be responsive. Please ponder on the topic prepared in this particular one in this seminar. Mempergiatkan Penglibatan Siswazah Dalam Keusahawanan, or Enhancing Graduates Involvement in Entrepreneurship.

Let us suppose, the topic instead is: Graduates Leading Malaysian Entrepreneurship from Local to Global. This topic is not a selection here.


Because of our definition of Education from the word educe – to draw out from within rather than to pour in from without. Education is translated as Pendidikan. This is good, but recently Education is translated as Pelajaran. Please look up in our Children’s Textbook, Pelajaran 1, is Lesson 1. So, the Kementerian Pelajaran, is the Ministry of….You now know.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are too far away from the National Education Policy. Should you check the present implementation throughout from Year One to the University, using the National Education Policy as the measure, we are off target.

So those who are at the University be watchful, and those who are here please remember, should some of us are no longer here, and this seminar 10 or 20 years later is organized by our children, let it not be the title of this presentation is Melaksanakan Keusahawanan Bagi Pihak Siswazah Menganggur, or Implementing Entrepreneurship On Behalf of the Unemployed Graduates.

Mixed reactions.

The Chairman of this workshop who is my former colleague at UiTM, later came to gently stroke my chin several times. What that means? I donno. Perhaps, “Were you not trying to be funny?”

Another intellect, “You have send a very powerful message”.

I response, “Most may not get it. Yet, it is being recorded!”

In addition I see the point I raised at the workshop about Industrialist, was one of the points highlighted, although it does not rise to be a resolution.

Above all, the trainers are forming Symbiotic. A society and cooperative that cater for the well being of the trainers and service providers.

I am one of the Pro-tem Committee.

Perhaps more is expected…so let us continue to participate and contribute.

Modules are needed now to translate the strategic plan into its practical operations. I already see one I am to proceed.


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