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Stop Saying

“I Have a Problem”

is the Solution to the Problem

Author: Zubli Zainordin | Posted: 05-11-2006

Zubli ZainordinThroughout your life, have you ever read or heard someone who says to you, “I have a problem”. In addition, have you ever wrote or said to someone, “I have a problem”. Probing deeper on the same point, beginning now please observe yourself and others at home, in the office, or elsewhere. During the observation please be aware of the number of times in a day you and others utter, “I have a problem”. Probably the choice of words are a bit different, yet the statement carries the same message. The effect and impact are the same too. Proceedingly through continuous conscious observations you shall ultimately discover that it seems everyone everywhere has at least a personal or a professional problem.

To me, all these problems encountered by every individual citizen of the world, when tabulated and sorted out, we are able to see a pattern. From this pattern we are able to list exactly 9 categories of problems only. These are: 1) Money, 2) Health, 3) Relationship, 4) Communication, 5) Emotional, 6) Sexual, 7) Scheduling, 8) Productivity, and 9) Others.

Beneath these problems there are altogether 7 root causes depicted by 7 letters arranged as B.A.P.E.C.O.D. To elaborate, the initial six letters are psychographics, and the later seventh. letter is demographics. Whereby B stands for behavior; A stands for attitude; P stands for personality; E stands for expectation; C stands for character; O stands for others, that includes believe, choice, decision, faith, motivation, perception, and more; D stands for demographics, that include race, gender, age, education, position, income, residential, and more.

One of the tests of life for all of us is to choose and sow the seed or pull the weed; the 7 root causes, in order to experience the result of either failure or success in accordance to the 9 problem categories imposed by the many challenges, in our daily living. Often time we read or hear that amongst the great majority of people there are those who have said it at least once, and sooner or later someone else is bound to say, “I have a problem”.

This statement is not true and we may choose to stop saying it from now onwards. The fact remains, that the problem is not the problem itself but the way we see the problem. Of course we always want to see a solution to solve the problem, yet most of us resist the fact that the solution is not contained in the problem per se, but it is conceived in the form of a view in our mind that clearly indicates the way we see the problem.

There are at least 3 angles indicating the way an individual sees a problem, that include:
1. Ownership,
2. Focus, and
3. State.

Let us now proceed to understand each angle as the way an individual views a problem that he or she encounters in this life. A better understanding of this, the God willing, shall lift us up to the realization that all individuals actually have no problem. Then, possibly we shall choose to stop saying, “I have a problem”.

1. Ownership
When an individual says, “I have a problem”, actually what he or she is saying, “I own a problem”, or “I possess a problem”, or “this problem is mine”. The moment this individual owns this problem, surely the problem already owns him or her. In addition, the moment this individual possesses the problem, then surely the problem already possesses him or her.

The question is “why?”. Why does an individual wants to own a problem? Why does this individual aspires to be the owner of a problem. Why does this individual allows a problem to occupy his or her inner space, and proceedingly the problem dominates a major part of his or her life? Why?

The answer is attachment. An individual’s attachment to the problem. This means that everywhere this individual goes, the problem goes along with him or her. What ever place this individual is at, there the problem shall exists and lurking next to him or her. The problem is attached to this individual only when he or she claims ownership of the problem.

Detachment. Yes…detachment is a possible way out. Detachment does not mean, once we are detached from this problem, it is gone. Detachment means an act of separation. A separation between the “I” and this “have a problem”. Only when we separate the two through detachment, shall we accept the fact that we are not the problem, and the problem is not us. We are entirely separated from the problem, and in addition the problem is not and never is a part of us. So, being detached now from all problems, we have decided to withdraw from an ownership of any problem in this life, be it personal or professional.

02. Focus
When an individual says, “I have a problem”, please observe where actually is his or her focus. The wrong focus or right focus brings about freedoom or freedom in relations to a problem he or she encounters in this life. The wrong focus is on the problem instead of the solution. The right focus is on the solution rather than the problem.

The question is “why?”. Yes…why does an individual wants to focus on that he or she does not want. Why this individual does not choose to focus on that he or she really want. Why this individual try to focus on the problem rather than the solution. Why?

The answer is identification. Yes…identification allows this individual to understand where to focus. Either the focus is on the subject or the result; in other words, the problem or the solution. To achieve the right focus on the correct spot identified, this individual is invited to ask himself or herself, “What do I really want?”. He or she is then encouraged to ask further “do I want the problem, or do I prefer the solution”. Surely he or she prefers the solution. Then his or her focus better be directed on “I”, and not at “have a problem”. This is because, the “I” have the power to solve any problem, while “the problem” cannot be solved by itself.

When an individual is truly focused on the “I” rather than the “have a problem”, then there is no problem for this individual to say, “I do not have a problem”, or “I always have a solution to any problem”. That means, he or she does not own nor possess the problem any more. Instead the way he or she sees all circumstances and happenstances in this life are just “results”. Yes…we already know that truly in life there are no problems, there are only results. The consideration then is to rate each of them as 1) detrimental, 2) benefitial, or 3) interesting.

Definition. Yes…definition is a possible way out. To define or be defined. We are always able to define all concepts, words, or terms, to our own advantage. Now, when an individual defines “a problem” as “a result”, than chancing undesired results can be achieved by using the reframing technique. Reframing is the changing of a view of a result that an individual does not want, to the result that he or she really want.

3. State
When an individual says, “I have a problem”, what is the weight, the size, the intensity, the degree, the position, and the gravity of the problem to him or her as seen in the manner he or she utters the statement non-verbally.

The question is “why?”. Yes…why does this individual wants to magnify a problem to be larger than himself or herself? Why does this individual burdened to a problem heavier than a 100 million pieces of bricks? Why does this individual constructs a descrtiption of the problem and then blow it out of proportion as though it’s the end of the world? Why?

The answer is attention. The emphasis on the “have a problem” rather than the “I”. It is also an excuse for wanting attention from others due to the lack of “know thyself”. Yes…attention means a payment that this individual is demanding from someone or everyone. A payment as in “pay attention to my problem!”. The less the attention this individual received when encountered by a problem, the more is his or her demand for attention. This individual can amplify and emotionalize the descriptions of the problem that he or she prefers to own or possess. Such a state in his or her being, thus portrays a limitation mentality rather than the abundance mentality.

View. Yes…view is a possible way out. What we see is what we get. To elaborate, what we see inside, is what we get outside. What we want outward, we first view inward. Each and everyone of us has a choice to decide and to commit whether to have a view of the actual life or to have an actual view of life. So when a problem arises in our view of life, it shall be better for us to say “fantastic”, then followed by asking, “what is so fantastic about this result?”. You may have known for a fact, that every adversity carries within it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit. In life, search for that seed of greatness bearing delecious fruits in the near future. With the acceptance of that fact, now you may reframe in your mind a view that you want over and above the view that you do not want. The view that you concieve in your mind, and you believe, the God willing, you shall achieve.

So after reading this article, what shall you do when you encounter a problem? First and foremost, relate not the problem to another soul. This is base on an understanding of, “add not that problem you are encountering to the problem I am now encountering”. Futhermore, a trouble from you may trouble others should you choose to publicize the problem.

Do you remember this story. A long time ago, there was a man who was standing at the edge of a mighty bridge. He has decided to jump off and plunge himself roughly 700 meters or much more below with the intention to end his life. Just as he is about ready to jump, a passerby interrupted, “stop! Please step down here where it is safe”. The man refused. The passerby asked, “what are you trying to do?”. The man answered, “I want to kill myself”. The passerby again asked, “but why?”. The man answered, “I have a problem”. The passerby started to discourage, “Now, step down here, and tell me your problem”. The man said, “I don’t want to trouble you”. The passerby quipped, “No trouble, tell me your problem”. So the man stepped down and begin to tell the passerby, his problem. After 30 minutes later, both jumped the bridge!

Well, the story drives a message here, that is, relate not to anyone when you encounter a problem. Including some free or paid services that provide advice which later may lead the teller to experience recalls that is internally traumatic or damaging to the teller, the listener, or both.

To me, “conversations with God” is the best avenue everytime a problem arises in our view of life. In so doing you may enjoy the progessive movements from endarkenment to enlightenment. Package together with numerous discoveries. Wow! Let me share with you one of the discoveries I have enjoyed. “eyelids blinking”. Have you ever noticed that our eye-lids blink. There is a wonderful reason, the God intents, for this to happen automatically. As a result I have found that a state of sleep-like and deep-sleep are approaches for us to get what we want in life or rid what we do not want in life.

Allow me to explain. The basis for all total success approaches is that you slower down your brainwave. The measurement for brainwave is cycle per minute (cpm). Slowering down your brainwave occurs at the following two points. First, the moment you fall to sleep. Second the moment you rise from sleep. Actually nobody falls or rise, the clue is one’s own brainwave that falls and rises.

Zentha (beyond 21 cpm); 1) Alpha (14 cpm to 21 cpm); 3) Betha (7 cpm to 14 cpm); please note that at 7.83 cpm we reach earth harmony; 4) Tetha (3.5 cpm to 7 cpm); 5) Deltha (1.5 cpm to 3.5 cpm); 6) Deep Deltha (0.5 cpm to 1.5 cpm).

There is a point during the falling or rising of your brainwave, you hit 7.83 cpm. At this moment your mind becomes like a broadcast station, you may transmit messages when you are in tune with the universal mind, place here by the God. Being the HQ, the universal mind return transmission to master-mind groups near you. Then, synchronicity shall occur, and a miracle will happen; either you go to where the solution is, or the solution shall come to you.

Once you know this fact, you may choose the sleep-like approach, known as the seven steps to total success in life or other available techniques.


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