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Zubli Zainordin Huwman Ability

Zubli Zainordin

I have accumulated personal strengths over the a life span. I understands fully the power of synergy –¬† the clear mind, purity of the heart, delightful spirit, and more. These, and the relations to developing huwman potentials.

I always put a priority between a company’s vision, mission, objective goal, and my personal. I am willing to go the extra mile in serving any company or an entity larger than self. I am able to work independently with minimum supervision.

I am an influential leader and a good manager in leading, planning, organizing, motivating and controlling. I am also also a team player; an able leader and a supportive follower.

I have been involved in management and organization, and I am able to adapt to any environment. I shall fit in nicely as a good leader or follower in any given team.

I continue to be responsible and accountable given an authority.

I complete my tasks on a point of a continuum agreed upon, with quality assured.

I am able to brighten up any office and surrounding environment as well bring cheer to the staff.

I am open in my outlook of life. I have always focused on the up-look.

I am a thinker who is outside the box. I am good at communication both in speech and in writing. I have been a professional master of ceremony, and, an professional and a popular public communicator.

Public Communicator

I am highly motivated, cheerful, totally happy and able to share the motive in motivation of self and others.

I am knowledgeable, having exposed to information and education since the sixties up to the highest level of education. I have the ability to understand and apply this given knowledge.

I can relate interpersonally with anyone and any race. I am friendly and relate very well with people of various ages. I am normally humble but assertive. Especially I am proactive.

I am continuously improving myself especially in my skills, attitude and abilities. I aspire to be a better communicator in English as well as Malay Language. I explore new frontiers and constantly learning new areas, subject, and topics.

I am willing to experience new challenges, although training and teaching is my forte.

I dress for the occasions.

My hobbies include reading, writing, educating, teaching, training, facilitating, moderating, counseling, researching, traveling, selling, marketing, outdoor adventure, internet surfing, and also an individual request with a question I am in a quest and conquest of the unknown territories, extra dimensions, and the new frontiers.

At present I am building an e-community at MyBlogLog, and I have positioned 3 blogs here, to achieve such a responsibility.

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