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Zubli Zainordin Training Again

Zubli Zainordin Training Again

Zubli Zainordin

One of expertise is Team Building. I have introduced an entirely different course that have made the differences.

There is no whacking but loving

This is not military disciplinary but a venture and adventure into self-discovery

This is not a sleepy boring session but enthusiastic lively sharing. Try and sleep if you will while I am delivering my message

This is not a one-way communication but interactive. There is such as a stupid question. All questions are valid and treated with respect. Perhaps a stupid question is the one intended to be asked but the individual did not

This is not all lecture or all games but a nice combination of indoor, outdoor, and spiritual enlightenment


This training is interesting because I am on a flight to Sarawak and then Sabah. Departure is Saturday 07.07.2007. I shall be back in Rawang bu the 14.07.2007.

Since a young age I love to be on a flight. Airplane fascinates me. After believing in Real Magic and knowing trigger, I have been on many flights local and abroad.

In ardent anticipation, and enthusiastic anticipation…meeting staff of BERNAS soon…

Meanwhile I shall continue blogging…

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