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What can we say about Zubli? He has been very active here at MyBlogLog, and, he is a vivacious, mentally challenging and stimulating man.


He has made my mind rethink many things since our first contact, and, he is always challenging me for my own good.


Zubli has a heart the size of the ocean or even greater. He loves people and he loves to showcase people. Which is a good thing, because often, here in the blogosphere, we tend to feel that we are all alone…


Zubli’s sites include the following:
Who Is Zubli Zainordin?
Book Project (Unity in Diversity at MyBlogLog)
Your Wisdom of Total Happiness ….


Zubli likes to make people realize and reach their full potential. He is nothing more than a person who takes the time to seek and find those who inspire him and/or may need inspiration. I admire his great personality, which he shares freely with the world.


He is an inspirational speaker and writer, and, though he is certainly of his own league, he lives what he is…
Do go and check him out if you have never done so before, although, I would find that hard to believe…
Anyway, he is our Remarkable Blogger, and, he is indeed, remarkable…


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Zubli Zainordin

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