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Zubli Zainordin Cognitive Dissonance Rioting For Information So Peaceful

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As a child I have always been sure entering The God’s paradise. Yet, as I flow into journeying this total life, I am confronted with moments of cognitive dissonance, a kind of noise that demands answers, from the God.

This cognitive dissonances occur every moment I ask a question, hoping The God will answer me, in a way only The God knows best.

True enough, touching 50 years of age, I ask for Personal Wisdom, and Total Global Peace.

Soon, I am into settling my financial debts. I listed those whom I owe each of them money. And the first is my true good friend who is much a brother to me, Mohd Redza Shahwiz.

We met.

After leaving his home, a cognitive dissonance. 3 Days, I am in this dilemma. Much wisdom now I greet this openly.

Another significant event to my prayers answered and my wish come true is being in contact again with my friend Md Noor.

A moment ago, information on Peace, was send to me. Earlier, information by Carl Sagan, The Pale Blue Dot, I received.

Slowly and soon surely I am back to where I belong, yet as one who is much more informed if not totally.

I shall share with you, as I begin to transform on this path, a different yet wiser man.


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