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Zubli Zainordin My Mother

Roshitah Md Amin

She is Roshitah Md Amin, my mother. This picture taken when she is about 45 years old.

I carry a lot of her internal and external features.

I do not remember knowing one individual who loves me unconditionally, except her.

She encourages me all along to be successful in life.

She take me along every instance she is on a business trip or opportunity endeavor.

A true Chinese!

Her father is Tan Ah Ming, @ Md Amin.

Her mother is Siti Hajar Ahmad.

She has an elder brother, Ahmad, who died after falling an electric pole, a few days before getting married.

She has a younger sister who died a child.

Her father having a license to drive a heavy truck, was commissioned by the British into the jungle. No one knew when happen next after.

Her mother died.

She is the only lone survivor.

She then lives with her auntie at Kuala Kangsar.

She is married to Zainordin Mat Ali, and together having 6 children. I am the fifth in this family.

The God willing, more shall I share about her.


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