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Thursday, December 6, 2007

We are all a little nutty award

I have an award for a few people cause we all are a little nutty…I made this one myself..You can hand this out to whoever you think is a little nutty…We all are a little nutty in one way or another…

Imagine, to be ranking in a list of to her a bit nutty lots.


Emm, the way she sees me. I have never thought of this before. Come to think of it, yes…she is to a certain extend, right!

In a nutshell books I read:

Andrew Matthews is the author of 6 international bestsellers including Being Happy! and Follow Your Heart.



Nutty #1

Zubli Zainordin 12/03/07 07:46
Thanks for duning me. I shall dune you soon. This is dune. Let s dune again, as we dune, our ranks go up. Dunetastic!
Zubli Zainordin



Emila’s 4th Contest!

November 26th, 2007

I have been up to some giveaway goodies during the weekend, two painted notepads! I bought these notepads and got the covers painted by myself during the weekend. The notepads have 80 sheets each. Sized at 14.8cm x 10.5cm, these notepads are easy to carry, fit in your handbag or denim’s back pocket nicely.


Nutty # 2

Comment by Zubli Zainordin

2007-11-27 11:06:49

It is easy to win this contest. But how to fit it in my handbag? The last time I carried one was 1945. Then, Denim? Cannot, my behind so huge, overly sized!!! Okay lah…tagline yer?

Emila – Exquisite E-artistic Exposition

amacam Mesra Marzie Marvelous Mariuca, kor boleh challenge aku nyer wordings. Tak yah tanyer Phoebe ler, dia kan nyer tau!

Of course…

Poking Mesra Marzie Marvelous Mariuca:

PANTUN! (Macam Biasalah)…Here goes: Makan Mari Marzie’s Nasik Lemak, Bersama Isabella di Sim City, You are my Best Friend Forever dear, Nah! Sila terima Gold Medal Award my Darling. (Apamacam, okay dak pantun?) Sini: Congratulations!



13th Nov 12:44 am YAY!! Phoebe sekarang dlm cage, semakin gemuk dan fluffy! Comel gila!!! :):):)


Zubli ZainordinZubli Zainordin

13th Nov 12:50 am Apsal caging dia. Sian. Lepas ler, bia dia cari kekasih kat Damansara ker. Aplod le gambor lates Phoebe. Lama tak nengok. Sambil tuh, boleh ler jelajah postings you sekali.



13th Nov 12:53 am Sebab dia tidur kat atas my coffee table the whole night, so biar dia duduk dlm cage sekejap…nanti dia kacau Master dia makan ni! 😉 Eh I posted her latest pic what!! Her last grooming sesion was posted a few weeks back, siap ada gambar doggie besar and fluffy lagi! :):):)


Zubli ZainordinZubli Zainordin

13th Nov 12:57 am Pasal aper you tidor atas your coffee table the whole night? Phoebe pulak tidor dalam cage. Pelek jugak. I go and check Phoebe’s latest photo.




13th Nov 1:01 am phoebe la tidur kat coffee table I, her fave spot! 🙂 Ah mai nengok gambar Phoebe comel!


With cotojo…


Zubli ZainordinZubli Zainordin

06th Dec 3:36 am Perzhaps zhe zrinks get me a bit zlow. Zhank kyou for zhe response so co-inciding. Pleaze zhink $, your role. I will do the obviouz now.


Yes, I agree she is right. Therefore, I nuttily accept this award. I am now to a level of nutnizationness!

Friendly Notes

I love you! Thank you!

My response:


Zubli ZainordinZubli Zainordin

06th Dec 9:44 pm Ribbit! Ribbit!! Ribbit!!! Ane nutty one at home ere? Yes, founded you, online! I am nuts. Thanks a million Purplefrog for the Nutty Award. I am now to a level of nutnizationness. You are right. I deserve this award. Yeyabedabeduuuu! Hehehehehehehehehehehe!


LOL!!! PurpleFrog, you big nut!

Please do not tell the naked one, and the naked team at car wash, I said so.


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