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Zubli Zainordin A Team Author Of A Personal Development Book Lead By Priscilla Palmer

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I have just received an email I have been waiting for, from


priscillapalmerPriscilla Palmer

author of




Life Coach Priscilla Palmer
Personal Development Demands Success


She is a true doer. She set the motion, do and do and do the task, and now the masterpiece is with the Editor. Soon, the book out in the market. I am honored as one listed with other super class authors.


Please announce the name, Priscilla Palmer.


Okay, here goes:

The authors I have as having articles in the book are:

Kimberly Matlock, Al Ramsey, Diane Brandon, Gamy Rachel, Jeanne May, Jenny Mannion, Meryl K. Evans, Michele Woodward, Mohammad Shafi’e, Rahul Bhambhani, Robin Skeen, Sharani Robins, Todd Goldfarb, Zubli Zainordin, Thea Westra, Jeannette Maw, Karen Lynch, Lynn Solarczyk, David Rogers, Jeanie Marshall, Gleb Reys, Priscilla Palmer, Luciano Passuello, Zorka Hereford, Shauna Arthurs, Galba Bright, Dr. Susan R. Meyer, Corinne Edwards, Greg Butler, Michelle Vandepas, Abu Aremu, CK Reyes, John Sadler, Sugandhi Iyers, Judy Kinney, Lorraine Cohen, Robert Higginson, Cindie Wilding, Adam Kayce, Dan Sitter, Neil Sattin, Mel Kaye, Isabella Mori, Dawna H. Jones, Slade Roberson, Ellie Walsh, Amanda Birmingham, Venerina Conti, kaya Singer, Justin Wolsey Riggs, Sam Kotadia, Judy Martin, M.Farouk Radwan and, Judy Kinney.

With a few authors offering multiple articles we have a total of 60 articles.

I am sure you have found my name listed. Wow! This is awesome!!

Priscilla Palmer, I salute you.

The God willing, update soon…


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