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Zubli Zainordin Hanna Filo Especially Special Award

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Caught by surprise. She is


hanna fhanna filo

author of



Amori,poesie,arte,chat virtuali by HannaAmori,poesie,art…(philohanna.blogspot….)

Pavarotti e ioPavarotti e io(

awards me this especially special award, hers…
It is like all of a sudden, I got this message:

hanna 11/26/07 01:48

342! Is on Award for you in my blog! baci




Language? No barrier. Understanding is assured between friends like us.


Hanna Filo is sweet, romantic, nice, and beautiful. Her award is of the contrasting colors like the night and the day, perhaps her favorite, and while presenting this award to recipients, she writes:


/I would like to thank with my Award the blogs that represent the special people to my notice for appointment, genius, quality and liking./

I feel so special and honored by her.

She knows exactly what to say in relations to the recipients:

This is example of communicating and building communities and friendships within the blogosphere, which has no boundaries or limitations.

True, I do not have any race in my mind, and in my heart I respect people, each individual regardless of their gender, color, or creed, or other than these.

The commonness is, we are bloggers!

Therefore, this award is meaningful to me. I shall cherish and treasure this.

Especially I am listed ranking with other bloggers who are like minded and shares in our heart the special approach to blogging. I say, Unity in Diversity. They are:

1. ArouetVoltaire
2. Traffyk
3. SantaClaus
4. Colin
5. BillyWarhol
7. AndreaMicheloni
8. Sandee
9. EnzoRasi
10. MAXincontri
11. DarioD’Angelo
12. Cooper
13. ZubliZainordin
14. Assasino
15. JTChandler
16. Marco Giusti
17. JonChow
18. Mauro
19. Salva
20. DanHanosh
21. AleX2000
22. EIOchemipensavo
23. L’AgoràdelRockPoeta
24. Maxanima
25. Aslan
26. BlogCave
27. MaestroAlberto
28. mdplab
29. Dani
30. EvNucci

Thanks a million Hanna Filo.


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Hanna Filo


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