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Zubli Zainordin Polliwog Most Meaningful Award On My 50th Birthday

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I have been presented awards, and each is meaningful to me. I am thankful to each presenters of these awards.

I find one particular award as one that is most wonderful and meaningful presented by my Blog Sister,


author of:


PolliwogPolliwog’s Pond

A blog I feel at home.


This is Polliwog Award her special award she crafted herself, fill with the love a blog sister can share. This award is presented to me on my 50th Birthday, and also the first year I celebrate my Birthday as a Blogger.


What a meaningful award, given yet not to be pass on, because the award is given only by Polliwog, to those who mean the most to her and are close to her or touch her in some way or show much love and transformation.


And I being the first in her list of recipients.

Wow! What an honor this is.

Thanks a million Polliwog. I love you, and I shall treasure and cherish this wonderful and meaningful award.



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