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Zubli Zainordin Powerkis Winning Attitude Award

A Meaningful Award By Powerkis With Attitude Fitting The Ultimate Power

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I am honored to have been presented this truly meaningful award, the

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author of:



Attitude, The Ultimate PowerAttitude, The Ultimate Power


Yes, Powerkis or Mel Kaye, initiated it, and now he proceeded to give out his own award. This award ngam (most fitting) with what his blog is all about. Wow! Clever man. A personal success story for him, for having an attitude, as his ultimate power in his life and his blogging passion.


This award is so meaningful to the full for me, because I have done a research on it since 1978, and I have written in my native a piece I prefer to turn it into a book. *Sikap: Diurus Anda Maju, Dibiarkan Anda Mundur* (Attitude: Manage It You Progress, Discard it You Digress).


Attitude is already an awesome term, and when Mel Kaye add *Winning* to it, now the term that is meaningful to the full, is winningful to the full.


To me, winning in our total life, or in any sporting or non-sporting events, is not I win you lose, or I won in a competition against you. Rather, it is the winning of me now competing with the me I prefer to be. In blogging, winning to benefit each other in Synchronicity and in Synergy, to attain win-win.


My attitude is I win by helping you win too. The prayer is, “My Lord, let us all win”.

Thanks a million Mel Kaye for this award I most deserve it.

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So those who are like us and now able to cut n paste such as I have done so nicely and neatly this award Mel Kaye has placed at his blog:


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