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Linking People Network Connection Through Integration

Zubli Zainordin

Throughout my life, I prefer to earn friendships with as many individuals, in as many harmonious relationships, and having active interactions through various linkages, involving numerous private, public, and professional networks, through integration.This did not happen yet, until I establish association with Dr. Ahmad Zaki Ismail, Jessy Leong, Chris Knight, and now Lucas Wrysch.

As a result I am now in a better position to linking business network connections worldwide through integration.

As the pioneer of the Art and Science of Total Success, I am in a position to select, benefit from, and share, works by individuals and their discoveries world-wide, in addition to my own work and discovery of information nearing the truth, belonging to the God.

As a professional Public Communicator, I am in connection with private, public, and professional organizations owners, decision makers, human resource managers, and participants of training services that I have provided.

Together with Dr. Ahmad Zaki Ismail, I am in a position to have an audience with the past, the present, and the future Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Having a special connection with a group handling a special bulletin, I am in a position to have an audience with state leaders and cabinet ministers.

Due to the nature of our consultancy works, I am having a connection with people in uniforms, including the Royal Malaysian Police, the Arm Forces, the Royal Customs and Excise Department, and Immigration Department.

The need to exercise integration, has given me the opportunity to have connection with the financial sector, capital ventures, and banking services.

With our special interest, I am in connection with Best Practice Management, Consumer Associations and Movements, Largest and Biggest Events Organizers, Bibliophiles, and more.

Having successfully published the Arabic Tourism and Shopping Directory, I have connection with the Arab World.

Please personally introduce your self, your business, and your intention to me. Perhaps from where we are at, we are able to excel and achieving a win-win mutual benefits.

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Zubli Zainordin

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