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Zubli Zainordin Total Education System

Zubli Zainordin

I am critical of the world education system, particularly the present education system in Malaysia.

At or on any media presentation, I show to the audience, an education system which has a great deal of goodness, yet is implemented in the worst of its kind.

I am preparing a book on this, targeting readership amongst the leaders and decision makers closely related to education.

While there is no Ilm in the world education system, the education system in Malaysia particularly, has diverted away from the Falsafah Pendidikan Negara, or the Nation’s Educational Philosophy.

The following is an article intended for publication, yet is not finding a heart to print it.


The Present Education System is a Deviation from the Original,
Thus A Return To The Total Education System

“Please raise your hand, if you totally enjoy going to school!”

Please ask this question to school children, and you shall understand why observers worldwide have noticed a flaw in the present education system.

Should you ask the same question, and you too shall be an observer discovering the same flaw in the present education system in the community you are in.

In fact, you and me; we need not go far, because in our own home, at least one example, is quite easy to be found.

The flaw although may not be seen, however, the outcome is completely visible. Let us understand this, by the following visual. Imagine a nice person, well-dressed, aaah smiling some more. This person sells you a bottle containing water. Although you can, but do you really need to visit the water plant?

Shall you be impressed with the sales pitch, and the superb promotional pamphlet that this person is ushering, on the purity of the water?

To me, I just check the quality & quantity of the water, that this person is selling. If the water is visually muddy or cloudy. I already know the picture of the output source. Should I need more information on the whole process, only then, I may choose the available possibilities.

Similarly, the present education system, in It, there is a flaw. The proof, observe the outcome!

Yet, so far nothing constructive and effective has been done, internally, externally, or otherwise.


First, the flaw in the present education system, is hidden, covered, shielded, from the general public viewing, yet the outcome is so visible, exposed, and open to all.

You know and I know too, the social ills rampant within, and surrounding all of us. For example, war, corruption, unemployment, poverty, domestic violence, rape, crime, just to mention a few, and more than these. The total happenings is overwhelming, if not alarming.

Second, education, presently has become an institution, like a few other institutions, It is above suggestion, criticism or ramification.

In addition, the present education system has been very deep-rooted in our civilization, and to up-root It, although it is vitally necessary, it seems a lot of hard work to some people.

Actually, to me, it is quite easy, and the outcome shall be nice, and soon we shall see, that there is an emergence of a critical mass, sufficient enough, in terms of a force combined to impact It, and surely allow the return to the total education, an alternative to the present education system.

First let us get to a common platform of understanding by placing here the definition of terms:

01. Education,

02. Total,

03. Alternative.

One by one…

Education: a process to draw out from within.

Total: all, whole, full, entire, and complete.

Alternative: alter = change, and “native”, “original”. Also, another, other than this.

In the beginning there exist the total education.


However, historical evidence clearly shows that the present education system is something new and different from the original – the total education.

An individual goes through a stage known as a school rather than an education center, and finally reached a stage known as a university, rather than a universe.

You and me; We know that numerous figures who are remembered throughout the ages for their contributions, and shall be continuously honored, are those who are students of the universe, and less who are students of the university.

In the present system of education, the longer an individual is in It, the shorter is the individual’s growth and expansion.

The more they are fed with information, the less they know. The deeper their pursuit, the shallower is their belief, faith, and confidence.

Please ask me, who is behind the introduction of the present education system that has move so far away from the original, the total education?

The flaw in the present system of education, can be detailed as completely as need be.

However, at this point, only one shall be picked, with the intention to spark an urge for you and me, to act.

The flaw is in the implementation of the education system. The process of implementing it, start with a generalization, and end up with a specialization.

For example, in the beginning, a student draws in information, let’s say, Introduction to Biology.

The same student, finally specializes on “the eyes of a house-fly”, as a dissertation, and then being awarded a certificate – Doctor of Philosophy.

Ask the Dr. “what is Philosophy?” or “what is your philosophy of Life”, or anything vital for the Dr.’s personal survival in life, or something basic for the Dr.’s daily usage, it shall than be known to anyone, the limits of the Dr.’s knowledge is a bit more than the eyes of that house-fly.

In contrast, in the total education, life becomes the center of Education. It truly begin with word, such as “da” or “ma”. Then A – Z. As the years go by, I do not have to tell you the amount of words we have accumulated to our advantage.

Apart from words, the total education, has benefited us in so many ways. The universe is the place to learn. Life is the subject. Information is translated to performance. And more than these: discoveries of the source of total success, the personal key to total success, the team key to total success, and other pieces of documented discoveries that make up the total movie.

Next, it does not matter, whether you are in, out, or in between the present system of education. You may wisely apply in your daily life the following learn, unlearn, and relearn.

Now, I invite you, and me; we are returning to the original. That is going back to the total education, to see The Total Movie, and we are experiencing our total life now on the peak of total success now here and here after.


The God willing, more soon…

This is

Zubli Zainordin

** ** Zubli Zainordin ** **

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