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I am now authoring a book, “The Wisdom Of Total Happiness”. You shall be informed, the God willing, the moment this book has been published. More info at

Hi, I am Zubli Zainordin from Malaysia. I am a Public Communicator, a thinker, an author, a bibliophile, a writer, a poet, and a project consultant.

I myself have written 4 books published in my native language. In addition, I have recently completed a manuscript. Next, I am working on 3 more. Not all at once, OK. One after another. Step-by-step.

My major life time commitment is to write a book in English, for the world market. The title is: THE TOTAL MOVIE: Experiencing Your Total Life Now On The Peak Of Your Total Success There.

Presently, I am a Project Consultant, for the Malaysia’s National Book Authoring Project, where each individual is invited to write a minimum of one non-fiction, and the special offering is targetted at senior high school students.

Why I am here at this flickr? Synergizing with at least one, who aspire to be in synchronicity. Two and beyond in number, is an orchestra. Hul-lla-la.

I am now ready…

More info at:
<a href=”;

I’m Male and Taken.

The Wisdom Of Total Happiness
Ampang, Malaysia

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Hometown: Teluk Intan Perak Darul Ridzuan
Occupation: Author
Interests: Reading, wRiting, Traveling, Photos.
Favorite Books & Authors: I have read all exceptional books relating to Success. Books written by Napoleon Hill, Wayne W. Dyer, Zig Ziglar, Stephen R. Covey, Anthonny Robbins, Paul Zane Pilzer, W. Clement Stone, Og Mandino, Shad Helmstetter, Dennis Waitley, and more.
Favorite Movies, Stars & Directors: I was recently asked to name my favorite movies, my answer is, all movies. I love movies. To me, movies are nourishing food for my mind. Be specific? There was a long pause, then I answered, The Matrix (Trilogy), The Shadow, and Forrest Gump. Plus…A longer pause. I am probably waiting for The Celestine Prophecy and Conversation with God. That statement shall tell you a bit about me.
Favorite Music & Artists: Jazz


Email: Your primary email is zubli.s.ebook [at], and at the moment, you’re allowing your contacts to see it.

** ** Zubli Zainordin ** **
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The God willing more soon…

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