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Zubli Zainordin

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I asked a question in 1978, and discovered the answer in 1987.

I then pioneered various training programs which include:

01. The Art and Science of Total Success,

02. A Successful Journey,

03. Akalbudi – Hidup Bertepatan Dengan Ketetapan Ilahi,

04. Experience Building Excellence Glory Distinction in Life, and

05. Discovery – Learning the P.E.L.A.N.G.I. Method.

Continuous research on human success leads me to discover various aspects, characteristics, guides, keys, laws, meaning, methods, models, philosophy, power, principles, practices, secrets, skills, steps, strategies, systems, tactics, techniques, tips, and ways to be successful in life, I proceed to pioneer some more training courses, including:

06. Influential LEADERS – 21 Qualities that Makes the Difference for Excellence Glory and Distinction,

07. An Efficient MANAGER – for Organizational Excellence Glory and Distinction,

08. A Daring SALESPERSON and a Go-getting SALES TEAM – Discovering the Secret to Selling Anything, to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere and Anyhow, for Personal Reward, Team Success and Organizational Excellence Glory Distinction.

09. Supportive SUPERVISOR – Bridging the Gaps for Organizational Excellence Glory Distinction,

10. Proactive CUSTOMER Service – A Business Approach for a Life of Excellence Glory Distinction.

11. TEAMBUILDING for Personal Success and Organizational Excellence Glory Distinction,

12. Effective COMMUNICATION – Moving toward Kingship Where Ever You Are,

13. Effective PUBLIC SPEAKING and Impact Presentation,

14. PHONE-POWER – Going Beyond Communication Barriers and Human Resistance,

15. The Art and Science of STRESS MANAGEMENT – Shifting from a Victim to a Victor in Life,

16. Building ENTREPRENEURS – From Start-up Business to Expansion to the World Market, and

17. Train the TRAINERS – A Total Manual Kit.

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