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Zubli Zainordin

How or Who

Initially, there is not a single individual viewing the blog pages I author, except me.

Pretty nice feeling, I am the author as well as the viewer.

Yet, the fact is, there is an intention on my part that there shall be viewers to the blog pages I author. Thus the effort of inviting through simple promotion, I have done lately.

Now at, I can see a nice graph showing the number of visitors to these blog pages. A wonderful feeling.

Who  Is  Zubli  ZainordinWho Is Zubli Zainordin (infozublizainordin.w…)

This Blog Page Hits Stats

more than 5,000.

* Wow! * *

Yet, if an individual prefer to ask me, my feeling in relations to viewer of these blog pages, particularly between “how many visitors view these sites”, and “who visit these sites”…a moment ago, an exceptional individual email to inform me that he visited one of blog pages.

This is truly an honor, to me, and I shall always remember this, especially.

Just now, the individual who offered me a product, who then received a proposal from me; a proposal he cannot refuse, is considering to agree to the proposal. Win-win. He wins, and I win too.

Lets see the further development to this. So far so good.

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