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I have heard and read * We are not humans having spiritual experiences
we are spirit having human experiences* especially in the works of Wayne W. Dyer.

In my life now I am still asking * Are we physical huwmen beings experiencing a metaphysical life, or are we  metaphysical beings experiencing a pyhsical huwmen life? *


01. Huwmen – “w” added as a respect for women.

02. spiritual is only a part of our compositions.

Next, some scientists are a great believer of the theory that everything in this world is nothing else as Energy.*

I do agree.

Yet, after listening to Peter Hewitt and David Ash illustrating the basis of everything (creations) is Vortex.

In the twinning Vortex, true all are energy, but there are more, including *nothing*.

So I pursue and study, then I discovered, more than energy.

Energy is one part of the whole.

In addition, there are force, vibration, auric, ether, …more I tell you, and nothing.

I say, be wise and let us move together onto another level.

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