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post Jan 29 2007, 01:00 AM

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Dear Mercutio,


“know” is the same as “know”,
“believe” is the same as “believe”.

“know” is not the same as “believe”,
“believe” is not the same as “know”.

To your question, the answer is:
Yes, there is a difference between,
“know” and “believe”,
and also,
“believe”, and “know”,
“knowing” and “believing”,
“believing”, and “knowing”.

In addition,
a “belief” is not the same as a “believe”,
“believe” is different from “belief”,
“believe” is the same as “believe”,
“belief” is the same as “belief”.

There shall always be “believing”,
appropriately, “beliefing” shall not be, always.

I have written “and”, to me, it is interesting,
as a point of discussions, since you wrote “Vs”.

Also interesting to me, some of the other words
you have chosen, as a personal preamble,
to the question you have posted here, and
the email, you have send me.

Do you remember,
it has been written on parchment,
“define, or be defined”.

So, please define, “know”, and “believe”
next, “knowing”, and “believing”.

On your own, please, and not Plato, or any other individual’s definition or definitions.

The God willing, next, I shall prefer to do so. To define “knowing” and/Vs “believing”.
Me, and not you, nor Plato, or any other individual, nor their definition or definitions.

I shall response, once you have done so.

Zubli Zainordin
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