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Zubli Zainordin Technorati Team

Technorati TeamZubli Zainordin

I am inviting all bloggers within the bloggosphere, visitors and readers of this blog, to move along with me in this Technorati Team.

Earlier when I initiated a new Technorti leadership, I was alone.

Not any more, now after proving success, I have appoint more than one new leaders at Technorati.

Feel the Synergy beginning now…

At this moment the participation in this Technorati Team will cover the entire globe.

Now, we join this blog…

SantaSanta’s Link Love

The author in unity isSanta ClausSanta Claus

at one dimension, North Pole.

Representing the Elfs is,

Blog ElfBlog Elf

Blog ElfBlog Elf

Representing Malaysia,

Zubli ZainordinZubli Zainordin

Book ProjectBook Project

Your Wisdom of Total HappinessYour Wisdom of Total Happiness

Who  Is  Zubli  ZainordinWho Is Zubli Zainordin

Hall Of Fame BlogHall Of Fame Blog

Mewakili Dutch


NoDirectOn (not: NoDirection)NoDirectOn (not:…(nodirecton.blogspot….)

Marketing ReviewMarketing Review(marketingreview.web-…)


Mewakili United States of America


Representing Indonesia



Usahawan MayaUsahawan Maya(usahawanmaya.blogspo…)



Dompas NetworkDompas Network(

Artikel SentralArtikel Sentral(


Tebak ManggisTebak Manggis(tebakmanggis.blogspo…)

Diary FriendsterDiary Friendster(

Duo DuniaDuo Dunia(

Renungan SekilasRenungan Sekilas(…)

Mana dimana anak kambing saya...Mana dimana anak…(leknan-adrian.blogsp…)…(…)

The God willing, more will join in. The space for new leaders at Technorati are still vacant, about more than 95 positions.

Let’s go for it! To the top at Technorati…

Santa recommends: Santa’s Elf’s Club, Santa Mail, Santa’s Wish Tree, Write to Santa, Everyday Should Be Christmas, Santa’s Link Love, Santa’s Community Blog, Book Project, Your Wisdom of Total Happiness, Zubli Zainordin, Hall of Fame, NoDirectOn (not: NoDirection), Marketing•Review, OgenDicht/EyesClosed, The Blog Elf, PurpleFrogCat Blog, PurpleFrogCat StumbleUpon.


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