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Zubli Zainordin Laughter

An Individual Laughs Because its Funny,

Or This Individual is Fun That is Why

She or He Laughs

Zubli Zainordin

Once an individual is totally happy and in total happiness, she or he shall be adding other virtues so as to enjoy a total life on the peak of total success now here and here after.

A total happiness life is a life full of excitement, enjoyment, enthusiasm,

and of course specifically laughter.

Laughter, is said to be, the best medicine. Observe, how true this is. In the act of laughter, there is a healing property so nice. Experience this.

In addition, those who laugh are physically earning the potential to live longer. While knowing very well alive and death, is the Lord, the Power to decide.

Medical scientists have discovered laughter and its relations to the functioning of the heart. Especially in the aspect of blood circulation, stress reduction, boosting of the immune system, and more.

I know a totally happy individual who laughs almost most of the time.

As she or he opens the mouth to speak, we hear laughter first. More laughter, and laughter again.

A public communicator here, earned an evaluation, “This is the first time I attended a course and I laugh every 5 to 15 minutes”.



Oh simple, there is only five kind of jokes in the world. You know these five, a one liner or more, will tickle such the center of being in an audience, and spontaneously spark a laughter.

Okay, this totally happy individual, what about her or his family members? Well, at home, or while driving a long distance trip, each and every members of the family are filled full of laughter.

Notice also saliva or tears dripping to indicate an ultimate joy.

A totally happy individual in total happiness, when one is face-to-face with her or him, never leaves but with a feeling of a wonderful vibration.

So how does an individual be in this mode of life? Easy. Simple. First intent, or choose, or decide, or opt, or prefer, or be willing to being totally happy and in total happiness. Then out of the 12 processes of total success, eliminate anger.

Behind and beneath anger is laughter.

Perhaps you have heard of an individual who cannot laugh and wonders why. The answer, a solution is eliminate anger. Invite her or him to eliminate anger.
How? Use the 7 Steps to Total Success:

01) Breathing,

02) Autogenic,

03) Scanning,

04) Eye Closing,

05) Journey into the Mind,

06. Planting the Seed,

07) Affirmation.
Are we kidding? Is there such a totally happy man around? Show me, some might say…

Please observe these, picked up at MyBlogLog:

Mariuca said…

Congrats Andrea! Am glad to see u got this award from Zubli, he is such a dear and so funny, he cracks me up most of the time 😉

Have a great weekend! 🙂

August 4, 2007 2:03 AM




31st Jul 4:22 am oh haha !! I can understand !! haha ! Nicely put! take ur time..the invite must be in ur email box! hehe..feel free to tag ur blog at the Den once u join !

Want more *Ha ha he he*?



30th Jul 9:35 pm hehehe.. belah2 slangor sy blom share lagi.. stakat ni kt terengganu jer la dlu sbb saye duk kt trg~ hehe
LOL = Lots of laughter?



25th Jul 12:47 am Hello there zubli, i have 3 words for you, You simply ROCK! lol… it’s nice though… by the way if your an text addict your self, like me, you can visit my text message collections… chow…



17th Jul 7:02 pm Salaaam. Per kabo bro Zubli? uikss biar betoi bro?? camne buat tu bro?? bgtau laa hehe



02nd Jul 6:26 pm ewah! ade ati nak merameh awex teman tu pye.. jgn mike, kghang tebalek tmn kosas tu! huhu!
Also *WAHahaHAhA*



14th Jul 5:58 am Zubli sensih, you are really a friendly & interesting. Your msg makes me laugh until I ‘peng san’…. WAHahaHAhA. Thanks for brightening up my boring sat evening…. 😉

before that



05th Jul 6:54 am Zubli, You are really a funny guy. Also, your “england” is really de powerderful 😉





05th Jul 2:20 am owh… thanx pak zubli…:)… kedua tgn tu mcm tadah duit pon ada… ;)… masak chapatti mesti sedap nih…:)… saya suka kumpul resepi… byk sgt resepi tu yg buat blog tu…nak masak sendiri tak berapa reti… heheh




25th Jun 9:32 pm *blushing* thank you! I was shocked to see my pic under the Hot Members. At the same time, felt appreciated. 😀 I think I’ll be smiling all day long today. Sure, i’ll warm you up if you need some. 😉 Just visit my blog, you’ll feel the warmth! hehe



20th Jun 6:21 pm HA! You are so funny… !!! How are you dear man? I just posted a introduction to our collaboration in the Loft…



19th Jun 1:35 am Hey Zubli, where would I be without you to inform me? Haha. You’re a sweetie. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog 🙂 Take care!



15th Jun 12:28 am Ha ha ha…joke btoi hang ni.



14th Jun 11:47 pm You funny man, I have linked your sites to my blog, hope that is fine with you.



14th Jun 8:50 pm LOL! It’s as if you were in drugs! 😀 I’m glad you liked my brew for you.. 🙂


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