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! Floyd Craig Award

The Highest Honor To Me

Only Floyd Craig and Brian Elliott

Can Hand Pick

The Floyds Best Blog Award 2007.

Zubli Zainordin

Zubli Zainordin said…
The hand pick is by men whose spirit is pure. The award is presented by men who intents the growth of spirituality within the Blog World onto the next level of blogging enlightenment. To be recognized as one of the best – Floyd’s Best, ‘Cream of the Crop’, is a signal I shall yield the seed of blogging greatness, for all spiritual hungry to harvest in total abundance. Floyd Craig, Floyd Craig and Brian Elliot, I salute you!

What a pleasant surprise and special delight to begin a moment of blogging passion, at MyBlogLog and receiving this message…



02nd Sep 2:39 pm Congratulations! Your site has WON a Floyds Best Blog Award, 2007. YOU have been hand picked as the Cream of the Crop by: Floyd Craig and Brian Elliott Winners posted here,

I click it and was directly opening up to a blog that is definitely a Recomended Read:

Floyds Free MoneyFloyds Free Money…(…)


Here I listen to the background music of the highest instrumental quality. Yes celebrating a winner of his and their choice coming a visit, read, and receiving the badge award.

According to this super class shinning author…

Beginning September 1st,2007 Floyds Free Money will review your blogs and Post Winners each Month.
If you would like your blog reviewed, post the link in comments.

He explains…

The awards are not based on design, but on spirit

Wow! Awesome!!


I can feel the spirit of his inner heart, saying this message…

Congratulations to Floyds Best Blogs Award Winners.

Message to the Winners:

Each of You were carefully chosen. Each of you Deserves to be Recognized by your peers for Your Bright Shining Spirits and Your Outstanding contributions to the International Blogging Community.

DrumRoll and this announcement:

And The Winners From BumpZee Are:


And The Winners From MyBlogLog are:






And the Winners From BlogCatalog Are:






NOTE*** You have been hand picked as the Cream of the Crop by:

Floyd Craig and Brian Elliott

Floyd Craig and Brian Elliott

You have enlightened my blogging spirit to the apex where the cream is above the crop.

I am humble.

Ladies and Gentlemen






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