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Zubli Zainordin Educates Award Presenters and Recipients Speechless

There Are Various Reactions and Responses

Yet, We Are Able To Be Wiser

Zubli Zainordin

I have been observing happenings within the bloggosphere. As an award presenter and recipient, I see responses and reactions. Thus I share my wisdom here.

Let’s see…

Have you ever presented an award to a blogger, and you get this…



Perhaps you already know, I am one of the pioneers within the Bloggosphere to initiate individual’s award to another and other blogger.

This is the award:


This is one of the ways I initiate to raise bloggers to experience the next level of blogging enthusiasm, excitements, enjoyments, and enlightenments.

Soon, I witness other individuals who begin to present awards, receive awards, and proceed to present awards.

In these proceedings, I do get an award that I am asked to proceed in presenting them to another and other bloggers.


Case A

When I do present an award, I get this reaction or response…

I am speechless.”




A moment ago, I discuss this with my best friend. He said, “Yes, I do get such a response, and this blogger remain so until today!”


I have been receiving awards too, but I never once given the award presenter such a response.

I say:

01) If you are sincerely speechless when an award is presented to you, then, keep the speechlessnizationness to your self.

02) At the very least, can you even write or say, “Thank you for presenting this award to me”.


The God willing, I shall share with you some examples.


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