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Zubli Zainordin Favorite TV Series Prison Break



More Photos Marshall Allman
Role: LJ Burrows Born in Austin, Texas, Marshall Allman dove head-long into his passion for soccer and visual art from the age of five. Though always a straight-A student, Marshall was often sent to the principal’s office for, shall we say, “irreverent” behavior. This same behavior is what led many of his early… Read More
More Photos Sarah Wayne Callies
Role: Dr. Sara Tancredi Moved to Honolulu, Hawaii, with her family when she was one, after she was born in La Grange, Illinos. Sarah graduated from the same exclusive private school as actress Kelly Preston, Director Jim Simpson (husband of Sigourney Weaver) and AOL’s Steve Case. Her parents are professors at the… Read More
More Photos William Fichtner
Role: Special Agent Alexander Mahone People know Willliam Fichtner. They just don’t know they know him. A compelling actor known for his strong supporting performances in film, William Fichtner started out as a soap heartthrob on CBS’ “As the World Turns”; his unconventional looks (a strong boned face dominated by sad haunted… Read More
More Photos Amaury Nolasco
Role: Fernando Sucre Amaury Nolasco studied Biology at the University or Puerto Rico. Originally Amaury was going to attend medical school to become a doctor. He was approached by a director and appeared in a commercial. After several minor appearances, Amaury moved to New York. He attended the… Read More
More Photos Rockmond Dunbar
Role: Benjamin “C-Note” Miles Franklin Rockmond Dunbar was born on January 11, 1974, in Oakland, California, and studied at Morehouse College and the University of New Mexico. Rockmond made his film debut in 1998’s “Misery Loves Company” and later had roles in “Punks” and “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.” He also made television guest… Read More
More Photos Dominic Purcell
Role: Lincoln Burrows Dominic was born in England but moved to Australia at the age of two with his Norweigan father and Irish mother. He left high-school to form a land-scaping business with some friends, and also spent a little time surfing. When he got tired of his job as a landscaper, Dominic decided to… Read More
More Photos Wade Williams
Role: Captain Brad Bellick Wade and his three siblings were born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As a youth, Wade was very interested in drama and music which originated from the Church he went to. When Wade graduated from high school, he started off studying medicine at the University of Tulsa but it wasn’t long until… Read More
More Photos Peter Stormare
Role: John Abruzzi Peter Stormare was born in Sweden on August 27th 1953. He started his acting career at the Royal National Theater of Sweden under the direction of Ingmar Bergman . After his apperance in Hamlet in New York, he started getting movie roles in America. His big screen apperances includes… Read More
More Photos Wentworth Miller
Role: Michael Scofield London born-Brooklyn raised Miller is part African-American, Jamaican, English, German, French, Dutch, Syrian, and Lebanese. He graduated Quaker Valley Senior High School in Leetsdale, PA (Just outside Pittsburgh) in 1990 and went on to Princeton, where he traveled the world with the school’s a… Read More
More Photos Paul Adelstein
Role: Special Agent Paul Kellerman Paul Adelstein is an American television and film actor who at current(2007) plays agent Paul Kellerman in the hit TV series Prison Break. Paul Adelstein attended Bowdoin College where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude with a degree in English. He later came on to acting. … Read More
More Photos Robin Tunney
Role: Veronica Donovan Looking as though she hails from an Irish Spring commercial, green-eyed, dewy-skinned actress Robin Tunney became known in the 1990s for her work in a number of teen and independent films. A native of Chicago’s South Side, where she attended Catholic high school, Tunney studied acting at the… Read More
More Photos Robert Knepper
Role: Theodore “T-Bag” Bagw

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