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I love Technorati. I am here and continuously studying this service. I am now ready to include you in my movement together to improve our blog page ranking, authority, blog reactions, and number of fans. Offering a new leadership. Let’s go for it!

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  1. Photo of Mashable

    Mashable! – The Social Networking Blog by

    • Utterz Is a Convenient Mobile Blogging Platform

      23 minutes ago

      [ utterz-logo.png] Utterz is a new mobile blogging community launched by RPM Communications, the same company that brought you Foonz. In conjunction with the launching of Utterz, RPM Communications is also announcing its Series A round of funding for $4 million, led by Morgenthaler Ventures. With utterz, you can blog with your cell phone

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  2. Photo of techcrunch

    Techcrunch by

    • Nokia To Acquire Mobile Advertising Firm…

      24 minutes ago

      [ enpocket-logo.jpg]Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Enpocket. Boston based Enpocket provides technology and services centered on mobile advertising. Enpocket’s platform delivers mobile advertising across multiple formats including SMS, MMS, mobile Internet advertising, and video

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  3. Photo of WeblogsInc

    Engadget by

    • Dash Express redesigned for Q1 2008 launch

      50 minutes ago

      Filed under: GPS More than a year after its initial tease, the Dash Express receives a much needed makeover in preparation for its overdue commercial outing. The WiFi, cellular, and GPS packing navigator with two-way traffic updates and travel-time forecasting now features a larger 4.3-inch display, louder speaker, beefier internal battery,

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  4. Photo of zehubert

    Ubergizmo, The Gadget Blog by

    • Asus R300 and R700 GPS systems

      55 minutes ago

      Asus R300 and R700 GPS systems [ Asus R300 and R700 GPS systems] Asus enters the GPS navigation system fray by releasing the R300 and R700 systems. While both share plenty of similarities aesthetically, the R300 has a smaller display compared to the R700’s 4.3″ screen. Shared features include an integrated GPS navigation system,

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    • iPhone gets remote desktop

      55 minutes ago

      iPhone gets remote desktop [ iPhone gets remote desktop]Apple iPhone owners will be pleased to know that their wonder handset will benefit from yet another software that allows them to remotely access their Windows-powered computer via the iPhone using RDM+. RDM+ is, in essence, a remote desktop program that is currently in beta

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    • Razer ships Pro|Click Mobile mouse

      55 minutes ago

      [ Razer ships Pro|Click Mobile mouse]Razer is more often associated with gaming peripherals, but this time the company has taken steps to reach out to the non-gaming crowd with the new Pro|Click Mobile mouse. Although it is compact in size, it comes with supposedly big performance, touted as the most precise wireless notebook mouse in the world

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    • Digital Video Rocket

      55 minutes ago

      Digital Video Rocket [ Digital Video Rocket]Model rocket kits have been around for some quite time already, but how about taking it to the digital age? The Digital Video Rocket is one such plaything for older teens and adults, featuring an integrated video camera that captures video in 640 x 480 resolution for up to a dozen seconds

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    • Kenwood updates Media Keg line

      55 minutes ago

      Kenwood updates Media Keg line [ Kenwood updates Media Keg line]Kenwood has decided to refresh their line of Media Keg digital audio players with the HD60GD9 and HD60GD9EC models. Both come with a 60GB hard drive, which is double the capacity of the HD30GB9 that was released last year. The list of supported audio formats have also been extended

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