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Zubli Zainordin Technorati No 200 Blog Faves Limit

Magically My Blog Faves Page at Technorati Home

Soon to be On Again

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I prefer to know from individuals reporting Technorati limits blog fave at 200 blogs. This cannot be so because blog faves contribute to Technorati Page Ranks.


I have proof.


I can fave blogs in abundance.


At moment ago I see this at my Technorati Home Page



zublizainordin’s Favorites

Real name:
Zubli Zainordin
Member since:
April 9, 2007

I love Technorati. I am here and continuously studying this service. I am now ready to include you in my movement together to improve our blog page ranking, authority, blog reactions, and number of fans. Offering a new leadership. Let’s go for it!

A moment ago…

Posts from my 1,073 Favorites sorted by freshness

As the new leader of Technorati, I check whether after I have faved 1,073 blogs, am I able to continue faving blogs, or I shall witness the limitation of faves up to 200 blogs only.

This is the proof…

Posts from my 1,080 Favorites sorted by freshness


  1. Photo of soul1383

    uncomfortably numb by

    • Take Action: End Workplace Discrimination

      2 hours ago

      Take Action: End Workplace Discrimination Visit Pass ENDA to sign the petition to end workplace discrimination… In 31 states, it’s still legal to fire someone because they’re gay; in 39 states it is legal to fire someone for being transgender. Thousands of hardworking GLBT Americans have lost their livelihoods simply because of

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    • No War with Iran Petition

      2 hours ago

      No War with Iran Petition As unbelievable as it may seem, the White House has given a “prepare to deploy” order sending the USS Eisenhower to the Persian Gulf, and leaked reports are warning that the Bush Administration is making further preparations for a military strike against Iran. Is this simply an escalation of the

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    • The Blue State: Obama calls for immediate…

      2 hours ago

      The Blue State: Obama calls for immediate withdrawal of combat troops Obama calls for immediate withdrawal of combat troops In a speech that Barack Obama will give next hour, the top-tier Democratic presidential candidate is expected to outline a clear plan to end the war. Here is an excerpt from the speech he will give: “

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  2. Photo of techcrunch

    Techcrunch by

    • Does Social Media Make You Dumb?

      3 hours ago

      [ internetdumb.gif]The “Main Stream Media” has had somewhat of an antagonistic relationship with “New Media”. Journalists have bemoaned blogging on several occasions, stating simply that “Journalism requires journalists”. Once again journalists are gracing us with another study linking the success of the social news sites to the downfall of

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So it is confirmed now that there is only abundance at Technorati in relations to faves of blogs sites.

So begin now with me as I the new leadership at Technorati raise all of us to move into the ranks of The 100 Top Most blogs within this bloggosphere.


Zubli Zainordin in Total Happiness organizes this Book Project Blog.

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