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  • grendel7's photo

    grendel7 (Colin Sullivan)

    I am a married father of four children. After 2 failed spinal surgeries, I live with chronic pain in my feet, legs, and back. I write and publish Chronic Pain Lifestyle, with Anne, who suffers with the same spinal disease that I do, Arachnoiditis.

  • nisha2007's photo

    nisha2007 (shireen ahmed)

  • magicalgoldencat's photo

    magicalgoldencat (Magical Golden Cat)

    I am the special pet, friend, servant and assistant to Master Zubli Zainordin! I am an aristocratic cat with magical powers

  • floydcraig's photo

    floydcraig (Floyd Craig)

  • frogster's photo

    frogster (Karl Mueller)

    This is where I describe myself? All right. Let’s see, do I talk about my blog or myself? Oh, right, myself, because if people go to my blog they’ll be able to see what it’s like, so there’s no need for that here. What? I only get 250 spaces to

  • schee88's photo

    schee88 (a.k.a. schee & stan chee)

    Internet Marketer since retirement in year 2000. Mechanical Engineering background. Avid music & art lover. Formally trained in vocal (opera) & conducting. Business covers both affiliate & network marketing.

  • waliz's photo

    waliz (Norwaliza Abdul Wahab)

    A teacher but doing a full time degree courses in UPM and would love to know more about technorati

  • JosVanLiempd's photo

    JosVanLiempd (Jos van Liempd)


  • SugarQueensDream's photo


    I love to write about things that matter to me . I also like to write about my wacky Family and the crazy things we do. I also love to cook so therefore I write about things I cook.

  • BlogElf's photo

    BlogElf (Blog Elf)

    Checking naughty or nice book

  • seofreeware's photo

    seofreeware ( seofreeware)

  • davidjairala's photo

    davidjairala (David Jairala David Jairala)

  • promthep's photo

    promthep (promthep sriprayoonpaisarn)

    I would like to make a lot of friends around the world, Nice to meet you!!!

  • hrtsafire's photo

    hrtsafire (Joey Cupps)

    Eyes are the windows to the souls, Of many we do not care To share To be kind. Destroying ones light With an unkind word or glance. Continually trapped in a trance Where souls collide Then snap aside. As days repeat again. ~ Joey

  • theblogfairy's photo

    theblogfairy (Gracie Belle)

    I am Gracie Belle, beloved daughter of Francesca Faerie (the original Blog Fairy) and grandaughter of The Earth Fairy. I share love and enlightenment to those who believe and I watch over all blogs and bloggers. ~~~ Kasih dan Sayang! ~~~

  • ritacosta's photo

    ritacosta (Rita Costa – Alma de Poesia)

  • gurushabad's photo

    gurushabad (surjit )

    Knowledge Seeker

  • crizlai's photo

    crizlai (YC Lai)

  • cotojo's photo

    cotojo (Colin Richards)

  • SantaBlog's photo

    SantaBlog (Santa Claus)


  • WanNo's photo

    WanNo (Wan Norizan Abdul Hamid)

    Hi.. I’m Wan Norizan.. a Malay woman from Malaysia. Now together with my friends, we know a way how to improve our Technorati Ranking. Please come and join us. So we can move up together

  • Lobodomar's photo

    Lobodomar (André Soares)

  • tessasandiego's photo

    tessasandiego (Tessa Cruz San Diego)

    A Filipina work at home mom, freelance writer-editor and problogger

  • deltaphi's photo

    deltaphi (david may)

  • bobbarama's photo


    Go ahead. Ask me anything. But I’ll have to talk to my attorney first before I say anything. Just saying. And, yeah … welcome to my little corner of the ‘Net. Cozy up, because we’re going to have some fun.

  • pnr026's photo

    pnr026 (Parinya Na Ranong)

  • danielctw's photo

    danielctw (Daniel Chew)

  • polliwog's photo


    I’m a mom to six amazing kids. I enjoy computers, blogs, cats, books, music and being silly.

  • anitokid's photo

    anitokid (AnitoKid )

    Born on the 24th of July. Plays the piano, guitar, and the clarinet. Collects books and stamps. Very much into photography and billiards. A Financial Analyst & an Information Scientist. A Student of Life – Seeking Alpha certified. And I Kid You Not

  • tidy's photo

    tidy (tiziano mainieri)

    I’m a student and i try to become a journalist with the passion of Photography


  • Shinade's photo


  • nuovibusiness's photo

    nuovibusiness (Francesco Sortino)

    Ciao I am Francesco Sortino from Italy. Ho creato un blog nel quale l’argomento principale sara’ come guadagnare on line e fare soldi con internet grazie al tuo blog.

  • CrisZimermann's photo

    CrisZimermann (Cris Zimermann)

    Cris Zimermann heads Dane Carlson’s Brazilian Bureau: and could be just the resource you need to achieve your goal.

  • rapieress's photo

    rapieress (Catherine Hughes)

    A redhead’s web journal. I’m proof redheads are single moms, multitaskers, writers, and may survive without wild sex every night. Sometimes dogs are better than men because there’s 1 less set of socks to match and the remote remains in my control.

  • conancat's photo

    conancat (Chun Ooi Ang)

    Just an ordinary boy, what did u expect ha??

  • thewesko's photo

    thewesko (Veysel Alışık)

  • PeopleInTheSun's photo

    PeopleInTheSun (OX M)

    Just about me being confused and all.

  • VicGrace's photo

    VicGrace (Vic Grace)

    Living with my wild animal neighbours in remote area of British Columbia, Canada. Sharing day to day incidents and inspirations.

  • mightymorgan's photo

    mightymorgan (morgan macgregor)

    I lived in the cesspool of drug addiction for over 12 years of my life. In the past two years I have redefined and recreated every aspect of my being in order to never return to that world…..Now its’ time to take it to the next level.


  • edasuner's photo

    edasuner (Eda Suner)

  • thebaptist's photo

    thebaptist (Simon Rodrigues)

    My name is Simon and I’m a 22 year old entrepreneur and small business owner based in South Africa. I’m married and have a lovely 2 year old daughter.

  • Samanathon's photo

    Samanathon (Saman Sadeghi)

  • CareerStrategist's photo

    CareerStrategist (Ev Nucci)

    I’ve done five start-ups. Three for two Fortune 500 companies. Two on my own. Sold 1st one about 15 years ago. Now have Wall Street consulting firm. 3 sons, One with special needs, he taught me not to take life too seriously. Now I laugh alot!

  • AdTracker's photo

    AdTracker (Ad Tracker)

  • JaniceNW's photo


    One warped Mama trying to get through college for the second time, raise two teenage boys with McHub. I like to look at the world sideways, it’s funnier that way.

  • Seiche's photo


  • azmeen's photo

    azmeen (Azmeen Afandi)

  • laketrees's photo

    laketrees (Kim Barker)

    award winning portrait artist

  • JesseTheCat's photo

    JesseTheCat (Jesse TheCat)

    I love blogging and making new friends.. 🙂

  • Kassper's photo

    Kassper (Dario Kasumovic)

  • rvnx11's photo

    rvnx11 (denny tyler)

  • RBLChloe's photo

    RBLChloe (Barrett Laurie)

  • lordmanila's photo

    lordmanila (lordmanila stone)

    I currently work as an esl teacher and I have been struggling to control my gambling addiction. I made a blog to let people know of my sentiments and experiences in life.

  • thedude25's photo

    thedude25 (bryan clark)

  • IdentikitDK's photo

    IdentikitDK (riccardo terranova)

    Quotidiano di notizie dalla Danimarca in Italiano News from denmark

  • awannabewriter's photo

    awannabewriter (awanna bewriter)

    I am blogging my life story.

  • MiikaMiika's photo

    MiikaMiika (Miika Mika)

  • abhatnagar19's photo

    abhatnagar19 (Aayush Bhatnagar)

    I am a student at the university of Bombay. I am studying engineering and will be graduating shortly. My discipline is electronics and telecom,

  • illusionaire's photo

    illusionaire (Sandman )

  • BlackWyrm's photo

    BlackWyrm (Jon )

  • forumer's photo

    forumer (Ahmad Nizam Awang)

  • nickphil67's photo

    nickphil67 (Nick Phillips)

    Just a simple guy who likes to say what’s on his mind.

  • sftopics's photo

    sftopics (sandra fabria)

    Satellite helpdesk for Business TV, Photo Stylist Manager for Jo Lee Magazine, web designer, writer, blogger, aspiring SEO,

  • ejcooksey's photo

    ejcooksey (Elisabeth Cooksey)

  • WondahWoman's photo

    WondahWoman (Wonder Woman)

    I’m a 27 year old, single, girl. I love to write. I love discovering new things. I’m full of interesting info, constantly seeking new things to keep me thinking/entertained. I’m very social. I like the diversity that can be found in the day to day.

  • Johnshir1's photo

    Johnshir1 (Johnny Ong)

    A person with good sense of humor. A sanguine/choleric personality. Likes travelling and food!

  • unomateo's photo

    unomateo (matt dunlap)

  • oiloffmar's photo


  • thor78's photo

    thor78 (Ron Del Rosario)

  • RandomMagus's photo

    RandomMagus (Amber Azam)

    I luv cats & reading. I’m socially challenged & find it much easier 2 connect to ppl thru my blog. I do go out, have fun & can be quite the life of a party but its draining. Thats why I love blogging, it gives u freedom to be u @ ur own pace

  • santaram's photo

    santaram (santaram koyilada)

    Iam Santaram Koyilada

  • revellian's photo

    revellian (Bobby Revell)

    Jazz-Rock Fusion Guitarist, Poet, author, expressionist and activist for education and fighting racism.

  • sohoquest's photo

    sohoquest (Michael Beck)

  • NdpThePoetress's photo

    NdpThePoetress (Jeane Michelle Culp)

    Poet, Writer, Author who cares about People and the World.

  • zublizainordin's photo

    zublizainordin (Zubli Zainordin)

    I love Technorati. I am here and continuously studying this service. I am now ready to include you in my movement together to improve our blog page ranking, authority, blog reactions, and number of fans. Offering a new leadership. Let’s go for it!

  • Marzie's photo


  • chepay118's photo

    chepay118 (Cheryl Estorgio)

    Cheryl Estorgio has specialization in Web Marketing and Content writing. She is also an expert in Link Building and organic search engine optimization.

  • NIHAL's photo


  • Yasmin35's photo



  • tsupacat's photo

    tsupacat (Terrell Hanna)

  • mattsofi's photo

    mattsofi (Ahmad Sofi MdHashim)

    I am a Software Consultant spending most of my time in front of my notebooks developing computer softwares for customers and myself.

  • incinq's photo

    incinq (Adria )

    I’m a university student with a community art project blog @ Please bookmark and show your support for the amazing contributors who are participating in the cinq drawer project. (And submit your own cinqpic.) Thank you.

  • fastfastlane's photo

    fastfastlane (Deborah Petersen)

    Please follow us by our new domain at where you’ll find art, oddities, offbeat news, discoveries and weird sciences. Thanks and I look forward to seeing you there!


Chilligavva (Lakmar Lakshmi Mareddy), Life In The Fast Lane (fastfastlane Deborah Petersen), Reflective Thinking (digitalfilipino Janette Toral, Software and Web Development mattsofi Ahmad Sofi MdHashim, Damsel Quest Paradise Philippines (chepay118 Cheryl Estorgio), MommysGetaway MommysGetaway Tamara Pruessner, The Magical Golden Cat (The Magical Golden Cat), More soon.

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