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Zubli Zainordin Friendship Award

Jean Chia’s A Great Pleasure Mmuuakss Greatest Friendship Award

Zubli Zainordin

For Zubli Zainordin

How many bloggers within the entire bloggosphere start their blogging and being presented and award?

I know there is a few, and it is a special delight, I am one of these bloggers. Wow! Awesome.

Those who know me also knows that it takes a long moment to be my friend. It is not easy, yet it is not difficult, but I am usually never instant, a believer of F.R.A.N.C.E. – Friendship Remains And Never Can End.

And as a Chinese, we say…”ngam”! To get to ngam, there is a process of gum and gumming. If you know what I mean.

Of course, many cannot accept me as a friend. It is okay. They say I am unpredictable. I have heard, “I cannot stand that Zubli Zainordin”. I say, “then, sit”. With that statement they are gone. This is a friend? To me, this is…*fri* and *end*.

Yes, but a friend shall be a friend who really knows me, despite my playfulness and naughtyness. Yes I do test people for genuine friendship. Oh what a ship.

Possibly the previous birthday my birthday-wish, I choose to be a nice person. With this intention and attitude, I enter blogging, to organize and author blogs, and join various social networking portal services, then some individual see this niceness in me and my goings about.

Well, I begin to see readily acceptance amongst bloggers here who includes me as their friend.

Thanks a million.

Especially to Jean Chia, at A Great Pleasure blog.


A Great PleasureA Great Pleasure


who has placed in my heart and at this blog with…



I accept this award, and I salute Jean Chia for raising us all concern onto the next level of blogging excitements.


From her intention, idea, willingness, dedication, commitment, preparation (through brainstorming and a lot of hard works), presentation, and now the award is neatly nice being placed here, I am glad to know, I am one she remembers as a friend, for I am now in her heart. I also agree with Willy Nelson, “I am always in her mind”.  Likewise.


Well, as I wake up before sunrise a moment ago, to begin my blogging passion, I get this message from her…



02nd Aug 11:48 amHello Mr.Zubli! It’s my great pleasure to present you this award! 🙂


 Clicking this, I get the following at her blog page…


Friday, August 3, 2007

Award For You, My Great Friend!

Reading her introduction here, yes, there is a natural drops and drips of tears at the corner of my eyes. Jean Chia, you are touching, and you have touched the dot a switch within my heart. I am touched.


I say… I truly deserve this.

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So, A Great Pleasure of The Greatest Friendships. Together!

Jean Chia, my friend, I salute you!

Zubli Zainordin

in Total Happiness

organizer of the Book Project

remembers what Jean Chia


Mr. Zubli: You are one playful man with a BIG heart for blogging and bloggers. It is so much fun exchanging endless messages with you. You may be naughty witty at times, but that’s what make u a unique man. 🙂

 She hits the dot!







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