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Zubli Zainordin

Agent: Ali Dina
27 Jalan Kosas 3/3, Taman Kosas
Ampang, MalaysiaEmail:

Home page:

From Malaysia, Zubli Zainordin. You may contact him personally. He loves to share life experiences. Please email:

Zubli Zainordin, is Pioneer, The Art and Science of Total Success. He is a popular and a professional public communicator, since 1995.


He started writing since 1973, when a school teacher sensed his ability, after which his first article appeared in the school’s magazine. He then proceed and now continue to write poems, short stories, television scripts, reports, various technical papers, articles and also news-features for the local prime newspapers.

He has a unique writing style, even without a byline, most readers who are familiar with his pieces, will recognize his identity as a scriber.


Zubli Zainordin is an Expert Ezine@rticles Author.

* Real Magic – The Wisdom of Defining What Intention You Choose to Manifest as a Miracle in Your Life.

* 7 Wisdom to Perform Real Magic and Living Your Entire Life with Distinction.

* Total Happiness – Do You Know Where Is Its Location To Avoid Being Lost In Action.

* EzineArticles – 9 Reasons and 7 Qualities to Submit and Market Your Articles For Maximum Benefits.

* Total Happiness – 7 Options to Be Totally Happy in Your Entire Life.


* A Million Dollar Idea: the Total-auto-smart-responder.

* Think Outside the Box Or Be Outside the Box?

* Where Shall We Find Happiness?

* Stop Saying “i Have a Problem” is the Solution to the Problem.

* The End of Competition is the Beginning of Cooperation

* What you See is What you Get and How you See is Why you Get.

* What to Change and Change to What?

* Total Believe: the Next Frontier of our Entire Possibilities.

* Time Management: your Choice to Challenge a Possible Chaos in your Life.

* Persistence: the 7 Most Permanent Practices of a Powerful Personality.

* 7 Qualities of Exceptional Book Authors.

* Transformation a Personal Choice to Attain Ultimate Freedom.

Special Report

Also, almost completing a short:
WHO AM I? – the Answer to Ultimately Know You – A Free Special Report For You.

Books Authoring

He is an established author in Malaysia, who has published 3 books in his native language:
1) Rahsia Menjadi Insan Bahagia (The Secret of Being A Happy Individual)
2) Lebuhraya Utama Menuju Kekayaan (The Main Road To Riches)
3) Lebuhraya Agung Menuju Kekayaan (The Royal Road To Riches)

A book Zubli Zainordin recently published:
PUNCAK JAYA – Malaysia Kampungku Dunia Negaraku (The Peak of Success – Think Local Act Global).

His long-term passion and commitment is authoring a book for the world market: THE TOTAL MOVIE: Experiencing Your Total Life Now On The Peak Of Your Total Success There. More Info at:

Interests: Reading, wRiting, tRaveling

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No

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